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Who is the best British fighter in the UFC?


  • What’s that brit that fights in WEC that did that Peruvian tie?…

  • It’s sort of true mate. London girls have a bit of a tough exterior but up north it’s a free for all horny as **** and common as muck. I dunno if you’re American or not but they’re pretty up for it over the pond too.
    But what’s that got to do with MMA? I’d still have to say Bisping because he’s fought 2 former champions even though he lost and has shown some good, improving skills and great fighting spirit. Hardy, Daley and don’t forget up and comers like Etim, Pearson and Winner (who could really become forces to be reckoned with in the future) all have a hell of a lot to offer. We’ll see from Hardy in a month or so as with Daley.
    Certainly these tea drinking, kidney eating limeys have been putting on some great UFC fights so keep it up fog breathers!

  • bispings a joke, crap boring fighter, been beaten by any decent opponent that he fought

  • Oh! You really hurt me with that one! Such imagination! You should write comedy. How did you think up something so original? My God! Please step into the lime light and be acknowledged. Bravo! Bravo! (SIGH)… Tosser!

  • Bisping and Hardy aren’t even that good, the only good brit fighter in the ufc is Paul Daley 2 fights 2 Ko’s thats impressive

  • NONE

  • I like martial artist and the competion
    I’m from the USA and I’ve loved all the best fighter in the world
    The best Brit fighter is Michael Bisping
    2nd is Dan “The OutLaw” Hardy
    3rd is Paul Daley