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What Rubber match would you like to see


  • I picked Overeem vs Werdum. Because Werdum will do things differently the second time around. One of the hype trains will become derailed, and I believe it would be Werdum’s.

  • gotta be Stout and Fisher for me, just simply becasue they go to war everytime and put on a fan freindly show. Stout with the win this time, those hands are vicious!

  • Lesnar vs Mir. One a lot of bad blood that is always entertaining. Two mir has built a lot of muscle and strength. three they both have improved and it should be a much closer fight.

  • Griffin vs Ortiz for me. With Tito’s recent performance it makes me wonder if hes caught a second wind late in his career. Beating Forrest would put him back in the top 10 mix… something i never thought i would even contemplate again.

  • Gotta go with Cruz vs Faber….that 2nd fight was too sick n it was so close love to see them fight again also Barnett vs Nog III would b sick too

  • Shogun vs Machida because the technique is beautiful and they are so close in ranking

  • What I find most interesting about this poll thus far is that Lesnar vs. Mir is leading… Which is odd because when Dana White revealed his intentions to schedule the rubber match earlier this year, it was met with backlash and resistance. Fans literally began tweeting him hate messages and telling him no one wants to see it. So it never materialized.

  • I honestly find none of those interesting. Cruz Faber, Griffin Ortiz are the only two that are fitting, but still I don’t rlly want to see those fights right now.

  • That is my second choice. I don’t think it would be close at all. I think Mir would do the same thing to him that Cain and Carwin did. Mir has always had superior stand up and he has been working on his wrestling along with hypertrophy and strength. All it takes with Lesner is a few good shots and he starts doing cartwheels. A bit of take down defence and Mir can land those shots.

  • That’s my choice. That first fight was razor close. The second ended too quickly to really tell too much aside from seeing Shogun realize that an overhand right was a good tool to use against Machida and seeing Machida use a very out of character strategy. I would love to see how III would go. I think I would have to go with Machida by decision or later round KO.

  • We live in a fickle, fickle world man.