Vitor Belfort calls out Chael Sonnen, Sonnen offers reply

Vitor Belfort calls out Chael Sonnen, Sonnen offers reply


By now we all know that Chael Sonnen has a, shall we say, special relationship with many Brazilian fighters.

If, by chance, you are unfamiliar with Sonnen’s interaction with these Brazilian fighters, the short story is he likes to take verbal shots at many of the countries biggest stars. Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Antonio Silva, the Nogueira brothers, and Jose Aldo have all heard from the acerbic Mr. Sonnen in the recent past.

One fighter that has maybe heard enough from Sonnen is Vitor Belfort, who recently spoke to Tatame and offered the following:

“I hope I can fight him. Let’s get this trashtalker… I think it’s the perfect timing, he’s a good opponent and it’s a fight that everybody wants to see. Even if Anderson (Silva) wants that fight, I believe he (Anderson) would give me this fight as a gift. I really want to fight him. If he wants to fight Anderson, I’d be a great test for him.” Belfort then added, “I’d pound him out… Let’s hope he wins this fight and the UFC puts him against me. That’s the fight everybody wants to see.”- see for the complete interview.

Belfort was recently forced from UFC 139 with an injury. He was scheduled to face Cung Le on that fight card, but will be replaced by Wanderlei Silva.  For his part, Sonnen will face Brian Stann at UFC 136. Belfort is expected to be back in action sometime in December.

Sonnen did respond to Belfort’s words via Twitter:

Hey Vitor, take my name out of your mouth until you show up for half as many fights as you pullout of.

The fight everyone WANTS to see is two good fighters vs each other. That rules out you, and everybody you have beat since ’05.

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  • codemaster

    There goes Chael, stirring the pot.

    It would have been cool if Belfort would have disclosed the nature of his injury.

    He doesn’t seem nervous about taking on Chael.

  • Angeles0

    I think Vitor Knew exactly what he was doing wen he pulled out of the fight and doing this right after..i think he wanted to fight somebody else who was closer to a title shot so he could take it from them…i remember after his last fight he was talking like he was expecting to get a title shot after that!!!!

  • Angeles0

    Plus i mean who calls somebody out right after they (Supposedly) get injured and pulls out of a fight???

  • Six

    If anybody is clamoring for Vitor vs Chael .. Its the first i have heard of it.
    I dont even think it would be that great of a fight really.

    Vitor never wins against a good opponent. He just beats up middle of the road guys. Take a look from 2004-2011 at who he has beaten that makes him such a supposed “Phenom”

    Win Yoshihiro Akiyama
    Loss Anderson Silva
    Win Rich Franklin
    Win Matt Lindland
    Win Terry Martin
    Win James Zikic
    Win Ivan Serati
    Loss Dan Henderson
    Win Kazuo Takahashi
    Loss Alistair Overeem
    Win Antony Rea
    Loss Alistair Overeem
    Loss Tito Ortiz
    Loss Randy Couture

    Anytime he fights someone thats not over-the-hill and is a good fighter Vitor loses.

    Sonnen vs Silva is what i want to see … this time Silva wont get lucky.

  • Warcrazed

    how is beating someone by submission lucky? it wasnt contraversial, it wasnt a Bolo punch, it was a SUBMISSION, something you dont “luck into” u dont “luck” into an armbar or a triangle, your opponent gets lazy, messes up and you capitalize. which is what a fight is about. Who makes the MISTAKES and who capitalizes on them. Sonnen made the mistake in a near perfect gameplan, Silva noticed it and with an injury no less, capitalized on it, sending steroid using Sonnen home with his head bowed and he still cant be humble about it. How can you say Silva was “lucky”?

  • D

    Vitor is a great striker and can KO anybody, but let’s be honest here… Chael is an absolutely terrible matchup for Vitor. He struggles against good wrestlers.

    Vitor has faced several wrestlers of Chael’s caliber throughout his career, and has hardly beaten any of them. He lost unanimous decisions to Dan Henderson, Sakuraba, and Tito Ortiz, all who were able to take him down and beat him up. He fought Randy Couture 3 times and was taken down and pounded out twice, winning the other fight due to a cut.

    Chael is an olympic level wrestler. Vitor has a puncher’s chance – for the first 15 seconds of each round. He will spend the other 14+ minutes of the fight on his back and lose a convincing unanimous decision.


  • Bruce Lee

    I think the Brazilians need to send someone to try and beat up Chael but for all the reasons above I think it’s not Vitor.

  • ChuteBoxeHero

    I think I am seriously falling in love with Chael.

  • smeac

    “this time silva wont get lucky?” its the other way around, if it wasn’t for chael’s comment about silva’s bjj black belt, he would have gone head hunting in the first round dont forget his rib injury. he wanted to make a statement by catching him in another submission again…


    This time Chael will have to take a piss test, you dump truck

  • cranestyle

    “I believe Anderson would give me this fight as a gift”?

    That sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? The champ ‘gives’ a fight with the only man who almost beat him, to someone else?

    I would think that Silva would want to swipe the doubts about the fight with Sonnnen away with a dominant victory.

    And maybe show that the oft- mentioned rib injury really did happen before the fight, and not in the 1st round when Sonnen hammered them.

    Silva’s camp didn’t want him to fight Chael the first time, and I think the wants nothing to do with him now. Part of what makes Silva so hard to beat is he intimidates fighters mentally, so they fight his fight and are beat before they start.

    Sonnen, whatever else his faults are, was not afraid of the Spider, and you saw the results. He won the stand up, knoxk Silva down a few times and hit him more times than in all his previous UFC fights combined.

    I think Anderson will be cheering for Stann but if Cheal wins, he’ll do everything possible to avoid the rematch.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Dude, who do you think Chael Sonnen is? Do you really think Sonnen is that good of a fighter or you’re just one of the Anderson Silva’s haters out there?

  • Lonnie Batt

    absolutly Chael is a bad matchup for vitor vitor better be careful what you wish for because if you know how Dana feels about Vitor he willl end up making sure this fight happens and if so Vitor Chael will put it on you,, we would see basically the same fight as Sonnen Silva, but I think that Sonnen would win this fight because Vitor is no Anderson Silva….

  • fingerssfv

    Belfort is a joke. He wants to fight Sonnen. The same guy who spent 4 1/2 rounds pounding out the guy who Kicked the sh*t out of him (Belfort). Dude has to fight Silva like he fought his other oppoents. He looked like a deer in the headlights. Just like most of Silva’s opponents. Sonnen sure wasn’t any deer. He brought it to Silva, which I had expected Big Mouth Belfort to do, but since he pu*sed out and froze, he doesn’t have much of his word that others will follow. Not after that showing. Or was it fixed? The way Belfort just talked, these two are best buds forever (BBF). Girls got their BFF, well Belfort has his BBF in BJJ

  • odeh91

    I think the fight a lot of people would want to see would be bellfort vs stann.

  • D

    He “pu*sed out and froze”?

    You must have watched a different fight than I did. Yes, he came out a little cautious, but it was Belfort who engaged first and landed the first punches of the fight. He just got caught by the best striker in MMA history.

  • Thang

    And if you’re a Girl I guess that’s cool, but If You’re a Guy then I guess… You know what you are.