Vitor Belfort Discusses Silva And Injury

Vitor Belfort Discusses Silva And Injury


in an interview with, vitor belfort frankly spoke about Anderson Silva and his battle with injury;


How did this injury happen?


I have this problem since last year. I felt my shoulder and did an infiltration to the fight against Jorge Santiago. Then I did it three more times. I was going to fight Anderson in January, but I kept training hard and the UFC was forced to postpone the fight. We did a MRI and doc Michel Simoni, one of the best in Brazil and well known overseas, said there was no way, to be 100% I’d have to stop. Now I’ll be back only five months from now.


How bad is this injury?


I went under surgery already. I can’t take too long, even because of my career and physical conditioning.


How long will you stay stop?


Around eight months. The surgery was great, I’m way better now, but I have to rest. Let’s move on… I’ll work to be better to come back to fight.


You did the infiltrations and fought Rich Franklin, but you decided not to fight now. Why?


Man, I had this injury and didn’t know how bad it was, and it only got worse. It was getting worse and then, three fights later, my shoulder couldn’t handle it anymore. The rhythm is intense, this injury was in the left shoulder and that’s bad, because I’m a southpaw…


What does this fight for the title meant to you?


I was very important, man. Every fight is important to me, my focus is on who’s in my front.


How was the meeting you had with Anderson in Abu Dhabu? You have said he looked upset…


I don’t know, maybe to took this to the personal side. I can’t say what he’s thinking.


After that, the admiration you had for him changed?


No, even because he’s very influenced. We have to see what we really are, don’t matter what people say.


How do you think is your situation in the UFC now? Will the UFC wait to match Anderson against you?


The reality is that I talked to Lorenzzo and he said to me to get well, he said they’re there to help me. He was a real friend. He said I can call him when I’m ready.


Who do you think deserve this title shot now?


What do I think? I’ll mind my own business… I’ll take care of myself, in what I have to do. My opponent should be careful for when I come back. When I’m back, they should be ready.


Do you want to fight or the title as soon as you get better?


I don’t think this way, I’ll do whatever the UFC wants. I’ll focus in my work, whoever the UFC thinks it’s fine.


Do you think Demian or Sonnen can beat Anderson?


Anyone inside there has chances, the important is go there confident. I think everybody has chances.


How will you work your head now that you’ll stay some months away?


It’s work, brother. My new focus now is the physical therapy, work and focus in what I have to do.


Any message?


I wanna thank all my Brazilian and American fans for the support and admiration, the messages in Twitter. You’ll be with me in this recovery and in my next fight too.


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  • Ninja

    hopefully he gets back soon, really want him to fight a.silva and maybe even a rematch with wanderlei

  • Juliano

    can not give opnioes about his injury, because we do not know, but victory is very fighter explosion, had surgery when he is at his best now to go back to that era can take a long time, and now MMA is very fast surge of new fighters every moment, he may not have a new chance.