Video preview for The Ultimate Fighter 11: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz

Video preview for The Ultimate Fighter 11: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz


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    chuck’s going to ****ing kill him again lol

  • Jizzle11

    Looks like it’s going to be a pretty good season :)

    I’m curious about how much trash talk there will be between the coaches…. probably most of it coming from Tito’s mouth though


    Tito never learns. If he ain’t talking shit he’s making excuses.

  • amscatt

    Pretty funny for Tito to bring up “dancing with the stars” when he was on “how far can I get my tongue up Donald Trump’s a…….” I mean…. “the apprentice”.

  • DR3W

    i dont really care about the drama i just hope there is some good fighters this season

  • friendlyfoe

    thats the funniest statement today. thanks.

  • Ninja

    The only good thing about this season is that no important title contender fighters are going to be tied up in tuf and they will be able to fight anytime this year

  • Rigo

    tito always exagerates everything!
    best prospects hes ever seen!

    i bet hes going to say he put his heart and soul into this season!

    and that hes going to test his fighters heart , his going to test there’s skills , his going to test there minds .

    Tito you can hype all you want yourself otr your ” fighter “
    but the truth is you suck! you dont have skills! youre a wrestler!
    you just hug people on the ground!

    you have no Jiu Jitsu skills , no stand up after mor ethan 10 years in the UFC! youre a discrase!


  • fkarab

    which weight classes will be?

  • PrideFC

    Tito gonna get beat another time, then he will come out with some excuses.. “Im doing it for the fans.. im fighting with a fractured skull bla bla”

    The UFC need to drop him.

  • UrHype

    I dont think there is really anything left to prove between these two.
    Chuck will KO Ortiz and Ortiz will go down, the end.
    Clearly a money project for the UFC

  • Rane

    Well, Tito has to win this fight if not he should be banned forever.

  • grapplure

    i agree last tuf season started out real slow and the kimbo vs nelson fight was a huge let down

  • UrHype


  • UKVeteran

    Chucks face at the end

  • Rane

    So this is only Middleweights? Could there be Light Heavyweights as well since Ortiz & Lidell are LHW’s?

  • Rafu

    I think it is good that seasons focus on one weight glass.

  • wesyoung808


  • ClosetCasey

    Didn’t I see this same shit like 5 years ago?

  • Kickbuttkid

    its gonna be one hell of a show…

  • fkarab

    i deeply hoped it would be flyweights 😀