Valasquez: "I had already arrived"

Valasquez: "I had already arrived"


Many were shocked last week with his massive upset win over Antonio Minatauro Nogueira at UFC 110 only last week, it seems the only one not shocked was Cain Velasquez himself. While many were shocked at how quickly he made his serious statement, only 8 fights into his MMA career, Cain himself wasn’t at all;

“I think I had already arrived a while ago. But I do think this proves I’m among the great fighters in this sport. I think I’m up there. We’ve got to see what happens with Frank Mir fighting Shane Carwin this month, but I think I’m right up there, and depending on what happens when they fight, I might be next in line for the heavyweight title. I’m ready. I think I’ve been ready for a while. The way this sport works is you’ve just got to prove yourself when you get the chance. I want to fight the best so I can be the best.”

When asked about a possible match against Lesnar, and how his technique would match up against the former WWE-wrestler, Valasquez added;

“I don’t know what I do better but I do know I’d be ready. I know what I can do, I know I train with really tough guys, and I know I’d prepare myself to give him a really good fight — I think it would be a really good fight between us. I think I’d have to wear him out for the first two or three rounds, because he’s so big and strong. I’d need to be weary of him at the beginning. I think that’d be my best option, trying to do that. He’s a great athlete, and he has wrestled in the NCAAs, and you have to be a top athlete to do that, but I think that would be my best bet.”


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  • Ninja

    Cain vs Brock would be an interesting fight, i hope that happens before Frank or Shane vs Brock, I think Cain can take brock by wearing him out and gassing him and take it in the 4-5 round by tko

  • UrHype

    I just dont think Cain stands a chance against Brock and a few others.
    He better stay humble or hes in for a surprise.
    I think that may be the first time we disagree Ninja lol.

  • Daniel Cassidy

    personally i think at the minute, if Mir Cant beat Lesnar, its gonna be Junior Dos Santos that will do it. im more intrigued if Lesnar does lose the belt to Mir, who’s he gonna fight once he’s not in the number 1 contender slot or with the belt, i mean he’d demolish the likes of Congo, Big country or Ben Rothwell

  • Jizzle11

    If anything…the only reason Brock would win is because he’d do his “chest to chest” I’m a bigger brute than you routine. He can’t outstrike Cain and on the ground Cain is more advanced in BJJ.

  • Ninja

    lol idk man, after seeing cain beat nog im never going to doubt him but ya its going to be war if they fight each other


    i fwcking told u guys this would happen!!

  • som3dud3

    i dont think cain can handle lesnar’s world-class jiu jitsu

  • jackthedrinker89

    If you think about it if cain were to lose 2 any of the top HWs it shouldnt be that big a deal i mean really hes young and undefeated so if he loses its just a learning expeirence for a young future champion.

  • JaytheBrit

    lol every one intitlled to thier opnions but to be fair
    its un pridictable who would have fort brock would
    be champion b4 he joined ufc. who fort noguirea
    was gunna get his ass handed to him on a plate by cain
    and then dos santos vs “the hurricane” by knock out.

  • comonson

    cain’s the man!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s gonna be our saviour to get brocks belt