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UFC in US Theaters


Yes, you can now go to the movies to watch your favorite fighters. The UFC is expanding its ways to reach their viewers in 300 movie theaters in the US. Starting with UFC 111 you can watch Georges St. Pierre defend his title on the big screen.

Follow this link for theaters near you! Enjoy! : http://www.ncm.com/Fathom/Upcoming/Locations/All/03/27/2010/Sports/UFC_PierrevsHardy.aspx

  • cant wait to see dan hardy get knocked out in wide screen

  • Originally it was thought to be about 13-14 us dollars per ticket, but now its been disclosed to 25-30 per ticket.
    At first I was interested, but now thats too much to have people yelling and shouting and standing up while Im trying to watch and hear whats said. I’ll wait to see the reviews and how the theatre goers react before spending that money and giving up the freedom to do as I like.

  • And onemoreround, please dont rate your own post first as funny, because the 2nd poster might not want to be seen as the guy condoning what you said.
    I think GSP will win, but I also think it will be one of his tougher tests.