UFC 139 Press Conference: Two Legends Come Face to Face

UFC 139 Press Conference: Two Legends Come Face to Face


The majority of Saturday’s main card competitors were in attendance today at the Fort Mason Center’s Golden Gate Room in San Francisco, California for the UFC 139 Pre-Fight Press Conference. Light Heavyweight legends and former champions Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson will headline the stacked card, while “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva and Cung Le will go head to head in the co-main event. Also featured will be a Bantamweight title eliminator between top contenders Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles and a Welterweight clash pitting Martin Kampmann against Rick Story.

UFC 139: Rua vs. Henderson Pre-Fight Press Conference Highlights (via MMAMania):

Mauricio Rua

• As a fighter and an athlete, it’s tough to say what went wrong against Jon Jones because we train our best. I would say being sidelined for one year was a problem. It’s tough in a one man sport so I would guess that’s what the biggest difference and biggest reason for that fight.

Dan Henderson is a fighter that I respect and admire a lot for a long time since the Pride days. As a fighter I want to fight the best so I expected that fight to happen for a long time. I have to prepare myself for everything. I prepared for all aspects because anything can happen in a fight. I know it’s a tough fight and I hope my preparation can help me in the fight, trusting the skills and work that I did in training camp.

Dan Henderson

• I enjoyed my fights in Strikeforce and the organization treated me well. I’ve got no complaints and no regrets about leaving the UFC in the first place. I had no idea if I was coming back or not until I heard Dana bought Strikeforce because he missed me. I was satisfied there and with that being said, I’m happy to be in the UFC as well especially with being able to have match-ups like this one.

• I’m only concerned with this fight and making sure I’m focused on that. With any fight where the winner could be a possible title fight, it all matters on how the fight ends.

Wanderlei Silva

• The last fight was a learning experience. I made some mistakes, paid the price, and suffered a lot. It was important and made me think a lot about what happened and I made some improvements. I’m ready and prepared for the fight.

• I studied his game after they asked me for fight with him. Nobody kicks like him in MMA. He’s a really good fighter and I hope we make a good show.

Cung Le

• I believe AKA has a lot of top athletes in the camp. Just in the area, from Gilbert Melendez to Jake Shields, there’s a lot of great fighters here. That’s why the sport is so popular here (in the bay area).

• I’m just glad to be part of the UFC and be on this card. If I’m not recognized yet, people will for sure know me for my kicks after this fight.

Urijah Faber

• I learned (from my loss to Dominick Cruz), whenever you do PR and you’re talking to a large crowd that’s not familiar with mixed martial arts. They say, explain it like you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and I need to do that with the judges. I have to be more decisive. It’s hard to say what the judges are looking at. If a guy tries to take you down but isn’t doing damage, does that count? If you knock him down and get jabbed and pointed, what is more important?

• I would say, (Dominick Cruz) wasn’t that difficult of a fight for me besides the fact that it’s five rounds. He’s swift and I wasn’t having too much trouble hitting him, I just wasn’t throwing as many punches. I need to throw more punches and I only had three takedown attempts. I need to have higher output and trying to finish it. He’s not scary. I’ll fight him any day every day.

Brian Bowles

• If anyone that’s been a champion and risen to the top of the sport. You’re dealing with a strong mind. All the champions and all the guys who are on the fringe of being champions have heart. He’s got that and he’s got dangerous weapons. I know what his weapons are and I’ll have to make sure I’m more dangerous.

• I definitely think it’ll clear up any question on who fights Cruz next. We’re both top of the weight class. If you look down the roster, I don’t know anyone else it could be besides the winner of me and him.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/fauxartist fauxartist

    Rua by 3rd round stoppage after kicking the crap out of Hendos legs

    Axe murderer by 1st round KO after jumping all over Cung and GNP
    the crap out of Le

    Faber by narrow decision unless he breaks his hands yet again.

    Kampman by convincing decisoin over Story

    Bonner by 1st round TKO

    Upset of the night Jason Brilz over Ryan bader in a decision

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/dirtyharry dirtyharry

    cung lee is going go to kick silva into retirement.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/fauxartist fauxartist

    Put your money where your weak is Dirty harry. When the fight is over, I hope you man up and admit you were wrong. I’ll be the first to do the same but dont think it will be necessary.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/dirtyharry dirtyharry

    You got it, but remember silva is a brawler which means he took alot of damage during fights throughout his career he is only a shell of his former self. He cant stand with someone like cung lee at this point of his career. I know cung lee is 39 and has been fighting for a while but he has alot better technique and is more well rounded then silva who just bangs with you.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/fauxartist fauxartist

    I put my money where my mouth is. Other than the Brilz pick as a huge upset, I am 4 out of 5 with the Rua Hendo fight to come. Who is weak now? Its not a contestest, just opinions but try not to offend man, I try not to dissrespect anyone on here, but rather call em like I see em. No hard feelings!