Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos proved why he's the #1 Contender for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title with a convincing performance against the former title challenger Shane "The Engineer" Carwin.

The turning point of the fight was in Round 1, when Junior Dos Santos connected with 1-2 combo that wobbled the knees of Shane Carwin. Dos Santos delivered about 20 unanswered punches, put the referee Herb Dean refused to stop the fight. Dean's decision proved itself as Shane Carwin recovered well in Round 2, and managed to get himself back into the fight.

From there, Dos Santos' striking was the difference. Carwin struggled to find his pace, and looked uncomfortable on his feet against Dos Santos. The most surprising thing about Dos Santos was his takedown defense. Shane Carwin tried several times to take the fight down to the mat, but Dos Santos managed to defend every single one of his attempts (or at least to stand up quickly). In fact, it was Dos Santos who took Shane Carwin down two times in Round 3, showing that he's not all about striking.

In the end, Junior Dos Santos needed that type of performance to prove critics wrong, and to solidify his place as the #1 Contender. The fight against Cain Velasquez will be without a doubt the biggest fight in the history of the UFC Heavyweight division.