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UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch Weigh-In Results from Sydney, Australia


UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch Weigh-Ins will take place at the Acer Arena in Sydney Australia on February 25th. The weigh-ins will be streamed and updated live through this post starting 10PM EST.

UFC 127 will be headlined by a Welterweight battle between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch, who will fight for a possible shot at the UFC Welterweight title. The event will be headlined by a Middleweight bout between Michael “The Count” Bisping and the hard-hitting veteran Jorge Rivera. Also on the card, George Sotiropoulos will look to secure a shot at the UFC Lightweight title, facing the German kickboxing specialist Dennis Siver.

Please make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer before viewing the stream (courtesy of UFC.com).

Main event:

Welterweight: B.J. Penn (76 kg/167.2 lbs.) vs. Jon Fitch (77.2 kg/169.8 lbs.)

Main card:

Middleweight: Michael Bisping (84.2 kg/185.2 lbs.) vs. Jorge Rivera (84 kg/184.8 lbs.)
Lightweight: Dennis Siver (71.2 kg/156.6 lbs.) vs. George Sotiropoulos (70.8 kg/155.8 lbs.)
Welterweight: Chris Lytle (77.2 kg/169.8 lbs.) vs. Brian Ebersole (77.2 kg/169.8 lbs.)
Middleweight: Chris Camozzi (84.2 kg/185.2 lbs.) vs. Kyle Noke (83.6 kg/183.9 lbs.)


Lightweight: Spencer Fisher (70.2 kg/154.4 lbs.) vs. Ross Pearson (70.6 kg/155.3 lbs.)
Light Heavyweight: Alexander Gustafsson (93.2 kg/205 lbs.) vs. James Te Huna (93 kg/204.6 lbs.)
Middleweight: Riki Fukuda (84 kg/184.8 lbs.) vs. Nick Ring (84 kg/184.8 lbs.)


Light Heavyweight: Tom Blackledge (93.2 kg/205.2 lbs.) vs. Anthony Perosh (93 kg/204.6 lbs.)
Lightweight: Jason Reinhardt (66 kg/145.2 lbs.) vs. Tiequan Zhang (66.2 kg/145.6 lbs.)

Preliminary Card:

Heavyweight: Mark Hunt (119.2 kg/262.2 lbs.) vs. Chris Tuchscherer (118.6 kg/260.9 lbs.)
Lightweight: Maciej Jewtuszko (70.2 kg/154.4 lbs.) vs. Curt Warburton (70.8 kg/155.8 lbs.)

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  • A little early isn’t it?

    I saw this post and was like WTF since when were numbered events on Wednesday nights …

  • So what prelims are they gonna air?

    Nick Ring, Pearson, Gustafsson and Hunt’s bouts should be aired on the Prelims in my opinion, whats your guys view.

  • I agree.

  • I don’t get the Siver/Sots fight. Nothing against Siver but there is a 90% chance he gets submitted in this one. He’s got a puncher’s chance at best. I understand the whole International thing but Sots should be fighting a top 5 lightweight, which Siver is not.

  • I agree too.

    He should be fighting the winner of Guida/Pettis or Henderson/Bocek or Guillard.

  • Nick Ring ? Really? Isnt he that the guy from one of the seasons of TUF who was on his 3rd acl reconstruction? Why bother.

  • He’s a legit fighter and he’s fighting another legit guy, so yes i would like to see his fight on the prelims.

  • Fight cards on a Sunday just don’t have that same feel.

  • i think it’ll still be on saturday, right?

    that’s just cause it’s in australia

  • are you messing? siver is an animal hisground game is vastly superior to sots. siver by armbar he has well more victories via sub!

  • What are you talking about! No way does Siver have better jits than G-Sot!

  • poor kennys getting bombarded with noob questions right now

  • Wow, BJ should have loaded up on water and fiber to add MORE weight.

  • Jeez why are penn and fitch so close to eachother it looks like they are about to kiss, makes me uncomfortable :/

  • this is going to be a long night for Jorge

  • you need to quit that black tare heroin bro

  • I am a little confused. Did Siver miss weight? 156.6 pounds is not within the usual “we give you one pound because the scales are not accurate” limit.

  • dam! Fitch looks mad skinny

  • I like how Bisping acts all professional in the pre-views interviews, says he’s more mature than Jorge, and than says he’s gonna F’n kill him at the weigh-in…

  • Why bother?? he might as well stay smaller so maybe he has a chance to use his speed to dodge Fitch long enough to KO him.


  • You have like an hour or something like that after the weigh-ins to loose the rest if you come in over.

  • And P.S. how High is Joe Rogan in that Fitch-Penn pic AHAHA

  • Infront of 1000’s of fans he was bound to get pumped up and was already pissed off, Jorge was baiting him in the build up to the square-off as well and so Bisping finally let rip. Good on him, I hope he tears his face off tomorrow, Jorge’s recent antics have no place in MMA.

  • Yea that and plus the UFC typically does not use digital scales, therefore any less than a pound doesn’t get recorded. So even tho it appears that they did use digital this time, I doubt they are going to penalize the fighters, who were likely not expecting the change.

  • I give the edge to G-Sot, but I don’t think Siver is an unworthy opponent.

    Siver has been working very hard on his ground work, and he does have power in his hands and feet. G-Sot is not known for his striking–and Siver has a low center of gravity, so is hard to take down.

    Considering all this, I am looking forward to this fight–and I think G-Sot has his work cut out for him. I don’t see this as an easy win for G-Sot.

  • If Bisping pumps up the fight–more people watch–and he probably gets more money.

    If I could get thousands of dollars just because I created a buzz for the fight, I would probably wear a mask at weigh-ins, and curse and throw chairs around.

  • Joe Rogan always wins the staredowns, man.

  • JON*

  • precisely, just cos a guy is smaller doesn’t mean he has to be disadvantaged. If he’s smaller and faster then it could be trouble for Fitch after all, with respect to striking, speed = power

  • Bisping looked proper angry, I’d like him to win but I’ve got money riding on Jorge cos of his odds and potential to get the KO