Todd Duffee: I don't care about proving critics wrong (Interview)

Todd Duffee: I don't care about proving critics wrong (Interview)


On April 7th, former UFC Heavyweight contender Todd Duffee will look to get back on the winning ways, facing Neil Grove in the main event of Super Fight League 2 card in Chandigarh, India. Duffee last seen in the main event of Dynamite!! 2010 event in Saitama, Japan, losing to Alistair Overeem via TKO.

Best-known for his flash KO victory over Tim Hague back at UFC 102, and the somewhat unfortunate defeat to Mike Russow at UFC 114, after completely dominating the fight in the first two rounds, Todd Duffee‘s official Mixed Martial Arts record stands at 6 victories and 2 losses. Every single one of Duffee’s career victories came via KO/TKO. Currently training at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California, Duffee wants to prove he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the Heavyweight division.

We had an opportunity to interview Todd Duffee, who shared thoughts about his upcoming fight with Neil Grove, post-UFC mindset, and plans for 2012.

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Can you talk about where you are currently training and the preparations for the fight with Neil Grove?
I am currently living in Salinas, CA with my brother and his girlfriend.  I initially got to AKA late October living in Oakland.  Being more than happy to make the drive to train at AKA all day returning at night.

You had an injury that forced you to pull out of last year’s Dream.17. Can you talk about what type of injury you had, and your “current health”? 
My current health is great, but I’d rather not discuss the details of the injury. 

What do you know about Neil Grove as a fighter? What are your advantages in this match-up?
Neil is tough and game and he comes to fight. I feel all the advantages are mine in this match-up. I am the better athlete, boxer, kickboxer, wrestler, jiu jitsu. I feel like I am better in all categories. 

After losing to Mike Russow despite dominating the fight, and getting Alistair Overeem on short notice – do you think like this time you’re finally getting a proper chance to display your skills as a fighter?
I am not worried about showing off my skills I am more concerned with winning the fight and staying busy the rest of the year. Eventually people will get to see my skill set the more I fight. I feel each fight is different and I have a lot of different styles and game plans of fighting I am capable of displaying.

What is the biggest difference between the 2010 version of Todd Duffee, and the one who’s going to fight Neil Grove?
I do not shave my entire body any more. I mean, I’ve got some incredible training all over the country and landed at the best team in the country. I’m sure I have made some improvements but in all honestly I do not think my skill set has been seen to begin with, so it’s hard to pin point exact things.

Do you care about proving critics wrong, or something that the media/fans have to say is not bothering you?
Honestly, I don’t care at this point. I just want to prove my friends, family and training partners right. Some people are going to love you for all the things they perceive you to be whether true or not, and some people are going to hate you for the same reasons. 

What are your expectations from fighting in India? 11hr difference is going to be an interesting adjustment. 
In general it will be an adventure and I imagine the fans to be much more positive like the Japanese fans were.

What are your goals for 2012 as a fighter?
Win this fight and get three more in to finish out the year.

Would you like to pass a message to Neil Grove / your fans, mention any sponsors? 
To the fans that support me thank you. I would like to make a shout out to muscletech for helping me so much in the past. 

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  • Entity

    This quote from Duffee is the best thing I got from this entire article….dude is sharp….”Some people are going to love you for all the things they perceive you to be whether true or not, and some people are going to hate you for the same reasons.”…..wish I could add that to a sig or something lol

  • HugeBalls

    Yawn….Todd Duffee who…?

  • KeithFarrell

    It’s a shame where he is in his career now, he was coming off having the officially fastest KO in UFC history and was one of the biggest prospects around.

    He still has potential, he put a good show against Russow but he failed in finishing the fight he was dominating and combine that with his destruction via Reem I’m not sure how far he can go.

    Be cool to see him back in the UFC again he is a beast of an athlete

  • David Saucier

    He was let go from the UFC because of his attitude, hopefully he can figure out how to be more respectful and appreciative.

  • holycheapshit

    […] “hopefully he can figure out how to be more respectful and appreciative. “
    1) Compare his twitter comments, that actually caused the trouble, fE to the latest Forrest Griffin twitter comments, that got ito the news.
    2) He lost one fight to brickhead Russow, didn´t he? Tell that to Dan Hardy, who busted the “three strikes you´re out” myth.
    3) He got released 3 or 4 month after the loss. The remarks he had made were “forgiven” from the UFC by some point. He had to fight Madsen and was injured. Then he was released with no apparent reason.

  • KeithFarrell

    I’ll try to reply to your points

    1) – As unfair as it is, when your a star like Griffin in the UFC you get privileges, not just in the UFC but that’s basically a rule in life.

    2) – Unfair again but Dan Hardy is an important fighter business wise. He’s probably the second biggest British fighter so they feel like they need him to help grow in the UK, which is a big MMA market.

    3) – Obviously I don’t know what went on but maybe he started acting like a dik after being injured and wanted the UFC to cover his show money or something, I don’t know.

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    Todd Dufee is a nice bloke. i hope to see him back in the ufc someday

  • kungfurule

    If you make money for the UFC they let you be a douche however if you are a new douche you can’t be a super douche or they (ie Dana) will kick your ass to the curb.