Thursday MMA Link Club: Dominick Cruz, Anderson Silva and much more

Thursday MMA Link Club: Dominick Cruz, Anderson Silva and much more


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Newly crowned WEC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz declared that he prepares to “break” Joseph Benavidez in their title fight at WEC 50 on August 18th. Cruz defeated Brian Bowles at WEC 47, and is currently 15-1 in his MMA campaign. As for Benavidez, the Texan comes off from impressive victories over Rani Yahya and the former Champion Miguel Torres. WEC 50 will take place at the Pearl at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    Great for Pat Berry!

  • capjo

    In reference to cagepotato’s comments on Silva, Now Silva is adding more twists to the great “rib injury” story. These knuckleheads need to get together and iron out their story because at this point it just a laughing mess and it shows Silva’s entire camp to be a bunch of whining, manipulating, insulting as*holes!

    Silva is now telling Tatame that this supposed rib injury happened 3 week prior to his fight with Sonnen and that his ribs were BROKEN?! We just had dipsh*t Soares giving an explanation a day after the fight that he himself had taken Silva to the doctor. The doctor x-rayed Silva and found NO cracked or broken ribs…just bruised ribs!

    Silva is a LYING, arrogant, FRAUD!

  • Hit2Hurt

    they are probly broken now. haha, just bruised before. they are just embarassed. as they should be, the way they talk up anderson like he’s invincible.

  • jsnwht

    In case you didn’t notice, Sonnen isn’t even talking trash any more. Are you 8 years old? Do you still think professional wrestling is real? All the insults was simply an attempt to hype the fight and get tards like you to buy it. In other words, you can stop sucking on Sonnen’s nuts and bashing on Anderson’s every word now.

    Anderson’s team has consistently said his ribs were “bruised” before the fight, and “cracked” (not broken, but cracked) after the fight. In other words, he had a rib injury before the fight, and the fight worsened it. Even Sonnen said he could sense Anderson was hurt for the entire fight. Let me guess, you think Anderson the con-artist paid him to say that…

  • Rigo

    Dominick has such a great style! i mean hes footwork is awesome!
    the fight with Brian Bowles prove how effective hes style is even with a powerful striker.

    i have to assume that after Dominick beats Benavidez , Urija will get the title fight and will be the rematch of Cruz and Faber and at the same time Urijah’s revenge for Benavidez since they are training partners!

    WAR CRUZ!!!

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Hey Sonnen wannabe!

    I have two words for you ” STOP TYPING “

  • capjo

    read the cagepotato article, you brain dead dipsh*t. Then maybe you would be on the same pasge as most of us.