Thiago Silva’s UFC 125 drug test sample "Inconsistent with Human Urine" says...

Thiago Silva’s UFC 125 drug test sample "Inconsistent with Human Urine" says NSAC


Light Heavyweight competitor Thiago Silva‘s UFC 125 drug test results have concluded that each of the samples submitted by the Brazilian are inconsistent with human urine.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission made the revelation on Tuesday.

According to the report, Silva submitted an altered and/or substituted specimen to the commission prior to his January 1st unanimous decision win over Brandon Vera. A second sample, tested following the match-up, confirmed their original findings.

Silva was set to return in May against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 130, but was pulled from the bout in February when the CSAC stated that his UFC 125 drug test was “still processing.”  

In the meantime, Silva is temporarily suspending pending an April 7th hearing, where he will be given the opportunity to speak on his own behalf before his penalty is decided.  The American Top Team member will likely face a fine and suspension, as well as having the January 1st victory overturned to a no-contest.



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  • TDraGon

    ugh what did he do,use dog urine or something? He was such a jerk to Vera.

    Well at least Vera is coming back,im sure he’s happy to hear this too.

  • Stiks

    So…did he like get some dog piss and submit it?

  • scrappymcgee


  • MMAW

    there’s a poll on the Sherdog forums to vote on what animal did the urine sample came from

    A synthetic blend, no animal needed
    Large farm animal (cow, bison, pig etc…)
    Small farm animal (Sheep, goat)
    Feathered Friend (Osterich, anything with feathers)
    Riding Partners (Donkey, Horse, etc…includes zebras and such)
    Small rodents (racoons, squirrel, mongoose, mouse, rat, ferret, etc…)
    Large feline (tiger, lion, panther, cougar, etc…)
    Charlie Sheen

  • Ryan Ventura


    Doctor: “Mr. Silva could you please come into my office.”

    Thiago Silva: “Is there a problem doctor?”

    Doctor: “Yes Thiago….URINE in big trouble….It appears the urine sample you have given us belongs to a three year old pug.”

    Thiago Silva: “Damnit I knew I should have got it from my nephew.”

  • Nik_Hulstein

    Musta been tiger urine, now hes totaly not winning

  • Cpt. Paranoid

    I’m guessing it’s his own urine, scientists will conclude it’s from ‘the missing link’. He kinda looks like a monkey….

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I can’t believe Thiago actually paid for Charlie Sheen’s urine.

  • Rane

    What a DIRTY ass fighter. He should make a public apology and apologize for rearranging Vera’s nose! I am extremely disappointed in Silva! I am such a fan but damn….

  • Rigo

    Maybe Thiago ain’t human lol
    jk , if he had the chance to put non-human urine
    why not put another guys urine instead and done.

    anyway hes messing around more doing that kind of stuff
    just put your urine and if you use steroids apologize and keep

  • codemaster

    Why the hell is he using non-human piss.

    I would sold him some of my piss for a reasonable price.

  • codemaster

    beer isn’t a banned substance yet, is it? Just curious.

  • Gabe

    …Yeah, he looked insanely big in the Vera fight. It actually crossed my mind but then I was like “nah!”…

  • Joey Santosus

    Lol, its most likely “synthetic urine.” The stuff people purchase online to pass employment tests and such. The problem for Thaigo is that the tests that are used for MMA are much more thorough then a regular dipstick test. I would think he should know that tho.

  • Zadok83

    Somebody failed zoology.

  • Boner89

    He must be really stupid or something. Animal Urine! seriously you use animal urine? If you were going to cheat you could have at least got some human urine jeez.

  • furr17

    how long did it take you to think of this?

  • Hit2Hurt

    yeah i never liked him. i’m sure the roids were part of why he was acting like such a tool in the fight.

  • Stiks

    I was too busy taking useful classes like Calculus and Physics to take something like “zoology.”

  • postmortem

    i wonder if the penalty for this i worse than for just testing positive for peds lets face a positive test can be disputed and your career can move on this just looks bad. basicly saying i cheated then cheated again to try and cover it up

  • Zadok83

    1. I was referring to scrappymcgee.

    2. Calculus and Physics were a cakewalk compared to Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Animal Physiology, and even Zoology. They are useful to me because I happen to work in a lab.

  • scrappymcgee

    I was too busy taking useful classes like Calculus and Physics to take something like “zoology.” …bitch

  • azzkika

    Perhaps if the punishments were more severe there would be less of this in the news.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    It makes me sad to see how many people don’t know how bird digestion works, and what the resultant product is :( They don’t piss eh, they have one hole called the cloaca that they use for all three functions, when they pass waste it’s always a mix of uring and faeces.

  • drunkslug

    Rampage VS Silva would’ve been a monster fight. Too bad. But at least Vera has another crack in the UFC. Instead of dishing out hefty suspensions, they should dish out heftier fines. If you hit the wallet, it’ll make them think twice because you might be taking away their food, their clothes, their kids college funds. Even if you gave them a year’s suspension, they are still training every day. Hit their funds, then they have something to cry about.

  • drunkslug

    How do you guys think the fight between Silva and Rampage would’ve gone?

  • drunkslug

    They should make Silva pay for Vera’s reconstructive surgery!

  • Zadok83

    Says the soon to be 20 yr old high school student.

  • 1DJ

    Thiago has made his statement admitting to taking injections in his back that he knew contained banned substances

  • David Saucier

    LMAO at manbearpig southpark comes up with the greatest stuff

  • falcon4917

    So people want to know how effective steriods are well then just look at Chael and thiago now both came off fights that seemed way to one sided in most peoples opinions than what they expected and then test positive later. Maybe it’s a little more help than many people are willing to admit.

  • scrappymcgee

    they have endless cardio and endless strength. yeah they arent comepletely outmuscling guys at the start of the fight, but at the end, theyre still relentless

  • Joey Santosus

    I was very much looking forward to seeing that one… Very disappointing to have Hamill replace him. Should be a totally different fight now.

  • ck1

    @gabe. i also thought he looked stacked. im never surprised when someone is caught, most fighters will be at it for an adavnatage.

  • 3RD EYE


  • postmortem

    i dont know what fight you were watching but chael slowed down a lot in his fight against silva i wouldnt go as far as saying he gassed but he definately took a long breather in silvas guard allowing for the sub

  • scrappymcgee


  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Hahahahaha fair enough.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    “URINE in big trouble” doesn’t make sense, the play on words you were looking for was “URINE big trouble”

  • drunkslug

    Hopefully it will stay a stand up war unless Hamill decides to mix it up. I’m liking Rampage (T)KO mid to late second round.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    i’m not familiar with the testing process but.. they asked him to submit a urine sample, and he clearly had time to tamper with it? so it was unsupervised

    many of you are saying ‘why didn’t he just get another human to do it’
    WHY didn’t he? and how many other fighters ARE doing that?

  • Thang

    Could there be any chances he’s a Werewolf ? or just a Beast !

  • TheEnforcer

    **** him, when he was hitting Brandon Vera with palm strikes and making a mockery of him in front on millions he didnt give a shit that he was doped, he was like look at me im kicking Brandon Vera ass and why did he take so long to come out with it, i’ll tell you why cause he was backed into a corner and when their was noway out then he said the best thing for me is to come clean and i look better than if i said nothing, i dont by it for two seconds silvia, brendon should be rewarded the fight with a win, lets not forget Brandon Vera took a beating in that fight and only pride kept him fighting on and for what, to take a beating from a guy who was’nt playing by the rule, **** you silvia, cheating wanker

  • codemaster

    That’s almost as interesting as why dogs don’t sweat.

    ‘ }

  • codemaster

    I really don’t ascribe so much of an advantage in steroids–lean muscle mass helps, but it is what you do and how skillfully you use those muscles that matters most in MMA.

    Many of those who take steroids do so to heal faster from injuries sustained in training. After sustained use, some fighters shut down their own unaided production of testosterone–and require injections of testosterone just to–er–keep up with the Jones’s.

  • Gabe

    …Try steroids and then tell me you still think the same way. Steroids just make you feel like Super Man. It’s not natural to feel like that.

  • Gabe

    …In reality, Sonnen went that long BECAUSE of the steroids. He went pretty damn hard those 5 rounds. Good fight.

  • Gabe

    Yeah, I was really looking forward to that fight as well. It’s pretty stupid that these guys are professional fighters and they seem to keep thinking (or not thinking) they’re going to get caught….

  • codemaster

    I think they have to have a human supervised piss. (what a job) Otherwise they would use a friend or family member’s urine.

    Silva probably drank a substance to mask his steroid use before taking the test.

    I don’t know about the UFC urine tests, but I have read about the Olympic and cycling tests, and in those, someone watches you piss into a bottle. And they are on the lookout for rubber penises too.