Talking Pictures: Drew McFedries stops Xavier Foupa-Pokam

Talking Pictures: Drew McFedries stops Xavier Foupa-Pokam


What do they say?

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  • Daniel Cassidy

    i think “WTF ” about sums this one up!

  • friendlyfoe

    That’s too much brotherly love in my opinion. But yes WTF? does sum it up nicely

  • Jpulfrey84084


  • friendlyfoe

    the look on the ref’s face and this still fram just kills me.

    Looks like a “happy ending” look

  • Jizzle11


  • dropkickmurphy

    With new technology, we finally can see what Bob Arum sees.

  • frank

    Commentator says:

    “Somebody’s takin’ it where it ought not go, and it looks to be drew from this angle.”

  • Rory Kernaghan

    ref: I’d say you’re a D cup

  • David Saucier


  • UrHype

    I’ll have that splinter out in a jiffy, hold him ref, this is gonna sting.

  • bantam

    he’s choking on his mouth piece!!! grab his leg I’ll perform the Heimlich maneuver,

  • dropkickmurphy

    “To be honest, if you weren’t wearing the latex gloves while fondling my breasts…it would just feel weird. What medical school did you say you graduated from?”

  • pound4pound

    Living la vida loca….

  • Drewfloyd

    Ref: take his shoes man! take his shoes!!!