Stefan Struve answers on Community Questions

Stefan Struve answers on Community Questions


One of the most exciting Heavyweights in Mixed Martial Arts today, Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve, answered on questions from Community members. On May 28th, Struve (21-4 in MMA) will step inside the Octagon for the eighth time in his career, facing the unbeaten heavy-hitter Travis “Hapa” Browne. The fight will be featured on the main card of UFC 130 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his answers, Stefan Struve discussed his progress as a Mixed Martial Arts, the fight against Travis Browne and what it’s like to be the tallest fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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HunterB: Stefan, Have you ever thought about taking time off to strictly strength train, and bulk up past 265lbs to keep up with the “Giant” 265lbers, who cut from 285-300 lbs. I feel it’s a huge advantage, and wonder what you think about the idea.
No. For me that’s not an option. If you want to be the best in this sport you need to always train on every aspect of the game and constantly get better. I’m getting bigger every single fight and will probably weigh around 260 at weigh ins. We plan to pack on the muscle in a natural way in the comming years.

AnAmerican: Which heavyweights from the Strikeforce organization would you like to face?
My top three would be Overeem, Werdum and Silva, because I think those are the best guys over there right now. And of course Fedor because he is a legend and it would be an absolute honor to fight him.

scrappymcgee: Browne tends to push the pace for the opening minutes of the fight. How are you expecting to approach this?
Just push the pace myself. lol If I keep my distance and use my reach then that should be no problem!

Malik Anwar: The two loses in the UFC are to heavy handed fighters who like to push the pace in the beginning of the fight. Both had one punch knockout power. Travis Browne is another fighter who comes under that category, how are you planning so the same thing does not happen again?
See above. I’ll use my reach better than in those fights. Since I am a lot bigger and stronger, it will be a lot easier this time.

Wanderlouie: You’re the tallest fighter in the UFC and such height has its advantages and disadvantages. Can you name some disadvantages or obstacles you may have faced because of your height?
A disadvantage is that I need to duck at most doors! My trainer always calls me handicapped because of it. lol No real disadvantages in my opinion if you know how to use your body.

Corey Cassady  (Facebook): If you beat Browne in an impressive fashion, would you be considered for title contention, cause I would like to see you vs Dos Santos, Velasquez or Kongo or maybe even Mir?
Let’s wait and see where I’m at after this fight. I’m focussed a 100% on this fight right now and yes those guys would be big test, but there is no rush for those fights. I’m still young.

Kev Carnall (Facebook) Mr. Struve, after the fight when your bottom lip was badly swollen how long did it take to heal and did it ruin your post fight celebration meal?
It took about a week and a half for it to be healed. I learned the hard way that lips heal really really fast. And no it didn’t ruin my appetite at all. It stung a little, but I’m a fighter you know. LOL.

edub: You have made many leaps in skill since arriving on the scene a few years back. You came on as a ground specialist, and you have showcased that effectively in most of your bouts. Your striking has also improved immensely following a few setbacks in your early UFC run. Is wrestling a part of your game that you set out a lot of time for, and does your intent to put more muscle on your frame reflect that?
We have been working on wrestling more cause that’s the part of my game that needs the most work in my opinion, but of course my wrestling will also get better when I get bigger and stronger.

en09si: MMA journalists often talk about your ‘potential’ and a fighter we need to watch for the future. What areas of your game do you think are strong and what do you need to work on in order to become a complete fighter and fulfill your potential?
To become a champ I need to get better at every aspect and of course get bigger and stronger, but since I’m only 23 there’s plenty time for that and I’m working hard so the future is looking bright.

IRISH: Hello Stefan, who did/does give you inspiration as a fighter and what motivated you to become involved in MMA?
I get inspiration from a lot of fighters, but what inspires me most is a great fight no matter who it is. After I watch a good brawl I always wanna get in there myself. My parents have always supported me so they are a great inspiration for me to!

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