Stefan Struve: I’ll be talking with my hands at UFC 124 (Exclusive...

Stefan Struve: I’ll be talking with my hands at UFC 124 (Exclusive Interview)


At the age of just 22, Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve is considered as one of the top Heavyweights in Mixed Martial Arts today. Holding an impressive record of 20-4, Struve will look to add the name of Sean McCorkle to his ongoing list of victims, in a bout that will serve as the co-main event of UFC 124 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Sean McCorkle (10-0) will be the second undefeated Heavyweight in a row for Stefan Struve, after the Dutch giant knocked out the 6-0 Christian Morecraft in his last bout at UFC 117. Struve is currently 4-2 in his UFC campaign, losing to Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson via a TKO.

You can follow Stefan Struve on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what he had to say about the fight against McCorkle, future in the UFC and trash talk:

Your next fight is against Sean McCorkle at UFC 124 next weekend. Can you talk about your camp and how’s your training going for this fight?
I’m feeling ready. It’s been a very long camp for me. I’ve been working on all areas of Mixed Martial Arts, but focused on my kickboxing. I trained with the likes of Jerome Le Banner, so I think that my preparation couldn’t be better for this fight.

In light of how Sean McCorkle submitted Mark Hunt in his last bout, do you think that his main strength is ground game? And what do you think about the size factor coming to this fight?
Actually, I don’t think so. Yes, McCorkle is pretty good on the ground, but I think that his main strength is in wrestling and striking. As for the size, I think it will be easier for me to fight a bigger guy, because I will be punching at my level, and not punching down. When I fight smaller guys I’m punching down, and I think that it takes away from my power. I have a reach advantage to my size, which is a very important thing. In general, I’m not thinking about what he got and his advantages, I just want to come out there and fight my fight.

Before your arrival in the UFC you were known for finishing most of your fights via a Submission. In the UFC it looks like you’re looking to strike more. Do you find it more difficult to go for a submission in the UFC?
I don’t think it’s more difficult. It really depends on the way fight is developing. When I have an opportunity to knock out my opponent, I’ll do it. And if the fight goes to the ground, I’ll definitely be looking for a submission. I currently have two submissions in the UFC, and I’ll be looking add another one on Saturday.

You’re always talking about adding more muscle mass to your frame. Will we see a heavier Stefan Struve in his fight?

Yeah. I’m currently weighing 255 pounds. But I really want to take it slow, not to rush and make my muscle gain more natural. I don’t want to be fat; I just want to have muscle.

I just looked at the collection of Tweets from Sean McCorkle where he mentions you. What do you think about this whole trash talk thing?
At first I was a little bit surprised with his whole internet thing. But to tell you the truth, I don’t really care. I’m not that type of guy who wastes his training time on talking smack. So he can say whatever he wants.  I’ll be talking with my hands inside the Octagon next Saturday.

You are currently 4-2 in the UFC, where do you see yourself in the UFC in terms of a title shot? And what do you think about the new Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez?
I’m not thinking about a title shot right now. I’m only 22, so I want to move forward step by step. We’ll see what happens after this fight, and where it puts me in the UFC Heavyweight division. As for Cain Velasquez, I love the way he fights. He’s very well-rounded, with good wrestling, take downs and good stand-up. So all overall he’s simply a great fighter.

You recently stated that this fight is going to be a disaster for Sean McCorkle. So I think there’s no reason to ask you about a prediction for this fight. It will be a knockout.
Yeah, that’s the plan. But if the fight goes to the ground, I’ll definitely try to submit him. We’ll have to find out next weekend.

Do you want to pass any message to Sean McCorkle?
I hope that he’s been training well for the fight, as much as he spent time talking on the internet. Because I’m ready for a war. The fans in Montreal are going to see a hell of a fight.

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  • Jizzle11

    FoTN written all over it. Lol he doesn’t want to get fat haha

  • Daniel Cassidy

    really looking forward to this fight. the Morecraft bout was insane!

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Struve should take take this by sub! definitely a contender for FOTN Struve always fights wild!
    Nice One Anton! : )

  • UrHype

    If Struve ever uses his reach and footwork effectively, he’ll be a force.
    I just havent seen that yet. Hes really young hope he keeps getting better and learns fast from his losses.

  • KeithFarrell

    great GIF, well done on finding it!

  • Ninja

    idk about fight of the night….I dont see this fight going past round 2, I got Struve by KO

  • garry_blackbelt

    lol this kids on fire!

  • HunterB

    as tall as he is, his reach isnt what it should be, maybe that has something to do with it

  • ljense8

    Matt Hammil talks with his hands too…

  • kinosis79

    Does Struve not understand that he is a terrible fighter? I don’t know why the UFC keeps him around. i guess to fill up cards.

  • Mohawkblue

    The “Skyscraper” is all hype.
    His biggest win is over Paul Buentello, and in his last fight he got a lucky punch in while getting the beatdown of a life time.
    Being KO’d by JDS and Big Country does not make you the top of the heap at heavyweight.
    I’m excited for his upcoming fight, but it should probably in Strikeforce not UFC …


    Struve is going to KO this ****y c**t

  • dirt

    why is there so much hype with this guy? he got TKO’d by the only 2 good fighters he’s faced! i realize he’s still very young and will be a formidable foe once he gets more experience.

    someone with this guys height should be a very effective striker and i haven’t seen him really exploit his reach in a fight yet.

  • Wolfi

    Struve obviously is not a complete fighter yet. He has to build up a better frame and work on his power, he will need that for grappling which is his real strength.

    His striking also needs to get better, he cannot allow opponents to close the distance too fast because he is obviously at a disadvantage when the striking gets to close distance.

    As for this fight, I think it will be fun, but it surely doesn’t have any title shot implications.

  • 7orqu3

    sorry now but this fight belongs on the ****en prelims

  • TheRealDeal

    What the hell is a prestsil?

  • TheRealDeal

    Is it just me, or does McCorkle look like he was dropped one too many times on his head as a baby? Good thing he can fight, because his modeling career won’t be taking off any time soon.

  • TheRealDeal

    Agree completely. No way is this a co-main event.