Spencer Fisher: It’s do or die for me at UFC 120 (Exclusive...

Spencer Fisher: It’s do or die for me at UFC 120 (Exclusive Interview)


In a little bit more than two weeks from now, UFC veteran Spencer “King” Fisher will square off against the newcommer Kurt Warburton, in what could be the most important fight of his career. Holding an impressive MMA record of 24-6, thirty-four year old Fisher is currently on a two-fight losing streak inside the Octagon. The crafty veteran knows it’s “do or die” for him, in his quest for survival in the UFC.

Speaking exclusively to the LowKick.com community, here’s what Spencer Fisher had to say about his trip to London on October 16th, and other burning subjects in the world of MMA:

Hey Spencer, you’re fighting the UFC newcomer Kurt Warburton at UFC 120. How’s your training going for this fight?
Training is going well. I have around 20 pounds to cut. My current weight is something like 170 pounds, more or less.

And what do you know about this guy, because the only thing most of the fans know about him is that he’s coming from the Wolfslair MMA Academy.
Yeah, that’s what I know about him. I’ve seen some of his fights before. He’s a good kickboxer. So I might look to put him on his back, or knock him out. This way or another, I’ll do everything it takes to get the W.

So in terms of gameplan, you’re planning to use your wrestling skills?
Yes, possibly.

Back in the day, you were on a pretty impressive streak in the UFC, getting victories over guys such as Caol Uno and Jeremy Stephens. Then you lost to Joe Stevenson and Dennis Siver. What happened there?
Well, I don’t know what to tell you exactly. Against Dennis Siver I followed my gameplan. I think that I hit him with pretty solid shots. I thought that I won that fight, but he was busy. And again, I think that I hit him with more shots in that fight.

Of course The fight against Kurt Warburton takes place in the UK. Are you concerned by the reception of the local crowd?
Not a bit. I’m planning to get out there, and get after it. Sometimes people undeservedly consider me an underdog. I know that he’s been built after beating Ross Pearson and the fans like him. They’ll boo me, and they really gonna boo me when I’ll knock him out or finish him.

But do you think that as for him, he’ll have some sort of advantage with fans on his side?
It’s his first time inside the Octagon. He will be pressured to put a show on. And I’ll do what I always do. I’m gonna be in his face, whether keep it standing or putting him on his back. I’ll stay busy and mix all the aspects of MMA. I have a good training partners in my gym in Josh Neer and Jeff Joslin and some other guys who help me to prepare for this fight.

Efrain Escudero was cut from the UFC after losing to a pretty credible guy in Charles Oliveira. Do you think that this fight against Kurt Warburton is do or die for you in the UFC?
Yes, exactly. That’s right. If I don’t win this fight they’ll probably cut me, and rightfully, because you have to win in this organization. It’s do or die, either I win or go home.

Do you think that the UFC are releasing fighters too early from the organization?
Well, I think there are a lot of guys who get cut too early and they deserve to be there. I think that a lot of this is politics sometimes, maybe. Some guys don’t deserve to be there in the first place. They’re there just because they know how to sell tickets or run their mouth, and they are taking every chance to do so.

I ask this question most of the UFC guys I get to interview. What in your opinion it takes to get noticed in the UFC, and move up from the prelims to the main card, then to a title shot?

I think it’s one step at the time.  Now I have this guy Kurt Warburton, and I’d love to finish him. I’ll go out there and give my best, and bring back what brought me here. I moved a lot between camps, trying to concentrate on different things. But this time for me it’s just to be in shape and do what got me here. I’ll be just me and beat people up.

Will it end via a knockout?
Knockout or finish. On the ground… I know I’m better on the ground, and I’ve seen some of his fights. I have more fights in the UFC than in his entire career. It’s do or die situation for me. I have to do everything in my power to get this victory. Do or die.

It’s quite a story, actually. Because you  are a UFC veteran fighting for his place in the organization, and he’s a young newcomer looking to make a statement. What was the most important thing for you, when you fought in the UFC for the first time?
Oh, you ask anybody. Any fighter will tell you. When you first start this, people don’t really care about money. You just want to be remembered, hoping that people will mention you and your name comes up in the mix. I just wanted to be remembered as a fighter who fights his ass off for the fans.

How long do you plan to compete in Mixed Martial Arts?
I don’t know. I’m not young anymore. But again, this is my main source of income. So, I’ll fight as long as my body lets me fight. I’m happy in the UFC, but regardless of where I will be in the future, I’ll have to fight to make living for my family, and fight.

Awesome. Would you like to mention any sponsors or pass any message to your fans at LowKick.com?
Thanks for the support, and thanks for the KO Dynasty for helping me out. Tune in to UFC 120 on October 16th, it will be a great fight.

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    The Flying knee was one of the best finishes I have ever seen.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/UrHype UrHype

    Kick some Ass Spencer!!!!!!
    I guess when you look at UFC staying , you do have almost 2 different approaches as you mentioned, your loud and crazy for attention, or you simply win every fight almost. Fighting might take you as far as you ever want to go, but I guess I would always have to think of maybe having some other schooling just in case later on.

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    we need to see a rubber match between him and stout. The first two fights were amazing!

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    I always bet against people that that talk about do or die, it means they are going into the fight with all kinds of pressure, doubts and other issues clouding their judgment. The reason Jones is looking so unstoppable is largely due to his confidence and how relaxed he looks in there, like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/SHAKEZULA SHAKEZULA

    One of the veterans who understands how to act. Very good and exciting, just hope his fights that he still has left in him are good ones.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Accyfist Accyfist

    Good job it’s against a lousy, no-good, stinkin’ limey. So he’ll easily win. Right? Guys? Right?….

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