Shogun Rua wants to avenge loss to Jon Jones

Shogun Rua wants to avenge loss to Jon Jones


Mauricio “Shogun” Rua used an impressive first round knockout over Forrest Griffin at UFC 134 to get back on the winning track. Rua had lost his previous fight, relinquishing the UFC Light Heavyweight title to Jon Jones at UFC 128.

Rua has never lost two fights in a row. In fact, after each of his five career losses he has come back to stop his next opponent via a knockout. Another item to consider is that the win over Griffin was a rematch victory, a fact that wasn’t lost on Rua himself, “I’ve only had five losses,” Rua said in his native Portuguese. “I’ve managed to avenge all of them except Jon Jones and [Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral]. ‘Babalu’ is my friend, and he’s on my team, so I wouldn’t think of doing that. The only guy left then is Jon Jones.“- For more check out

Jones is currently slated to defend his title against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135.

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  • TheMMAfan


  • thealex

    if rampage doesnt, i hope shogun does i was very impressed on saturday

  • nur

    okay… good luck!


    Don’t get it twisted Playboy. An old distracted Forrest is far from a young confidant Bones Jones, & I don’t think your fans is ready to see you get stumped out like a small fire again….Take your time

  • ChuteBoxeHero

    There you go Shogun!Let those bones fanboys know whats up!No doubt you can beat him.

  • 808scrappah

    Realistically I got Jones winning this fight the same way he won it the last. Trust me I really would like Rua to be champ again, but it is not going to take an aggressive striker or wrestler to beat Jones. The only guy in the 205 class, that could pose a threat to the champ is Lyoto Machida.
    Machida has the perfect style to pose a threat to Jones. He is very quick at avoiding takedowns and comes at you from different angles similar to Anderson Silva. I want to see how Jones can deal with the frustration that comes with fighting a very elusive fighter.

  • en09si

    Join the queue bro

  • whitey

    Going to be a bit before Shogun gets another shot. As we’ve found out Dana is cool with giving rematches if the first fight was close but their fight was not. If the first fight isn’t close he will likely be waiting a while (see John Fitch)


    He must not have watched the fight against Jones yet. Bones was too much for him.


    RIIIGGHHTT, hey Chute ain’t you the cat that said Okami was going to beat Silva?
    People need to stop thinking with there heart & go with the fu**ing facts

  • IChokePeople

    I thought Rua looked off of his game in the first fight but I picked Jones to win then and I still think Jones wins. Rua has notoriously bad take down defense. He usually does okay against wrestlers due to his BJJ and ability to get back up quickly but that isn’t going to cut it against Jones. He is back in the mix. Give him Rashad or the winner of Machida V Davis for the number one slot.

  • nickp44

    Yeah I agree. It’s great that Shogun is healthy and ambitious, but he’s not back in that picture yet, and I can’t see a rematch ending differently.

    It’s a bummer Forrest was so distracted (I wouldn’t say old though). Aside from his new baby, he seems kinda bored with fighting.

  • DR3W

    Certain styles make match ups. I have been saying the whole time Lyoto Machida has the best chance at 205 to beat Jones.

  • Lonnie Batt

    Man Shogun got deestroyed by jones and that does not warrant a re match and the only way Jones should have to fight him again is if he works his way back up to the #1 contender spot again, and In my opinion he will get smashed again,,, Shogun Jon Jones is one guy that You are not going to be able to beat,, you do not match up very well with this kid…….at all!!!

  • Lonnie Batt

    yep you right

  • Lonnie Batt

    dud you are smoking some killer shit dude, Jones will smash him again, shogun can not and will not be able to overcome Jones size and his lenght and that goes for alot of other LTHW’s including Rampage,, watch what happens when they fight….

  • Lonnie Batt

    yep Forrest’s head was definantly somewhere else for this fight…. he even looked so slow, I was shocked with his performance……

  • Lonnie Batt


  • DKMcGrath

    Shogun will have to train his cardio alot higher and be able keep a sprint pace for that w.

  • HunterB

    with all due respect to that, i also thought Okami was going to beat Silva…. i was proved terribly wrong, and it makes me second guess that i believe Sonnen would win in a rematch. Silva is unbeatable when he comes in with that ferocity.

  • michaelchimique

    i’m just waiting for the post fight interview with rampage saying I GOT MY BELT BACK!!!!

  • thexperience1

    I got Rampage taking the belt… so Bones/Shogun rematch doesn’t seem too far fetched in my book… IMO !!

  • Kevin

    Agree 100%.

    Either that or Silva moves up a weight division

  • phacemon

    Didn’t Shogun say he was going to win the 1st time? I like him and enjoy watching him beat people up…However, I don’t see him avenging that loss. I look forward to his next fight though. Hopefully against somebody he hasn’t fought yet. I’d say Rampage, but I think both Rampage and Jones should be pretty beat up after their next fight…I think.

  • Dabs

    I could see Rashad beating Jones too because of his speed and knowledge of the Champ…

  • Dabs

    I could see Rashad beating Jones too because of his speed and knowledge of the Champ…

  • Dabs

    I could see Rashad beating Jones too because of his speed and knowledge of the Champ…

  • lopresti1

    to tell u the truth i dont like when people start calling for title shots after one win after losing the title. I think Shogun needs at least one more win before he can challenge jones again. I think he should fight Alexander Gustafsson. I know some people might not know him, but he has been on a tear lately in the ufc with like 3 wins in a row and he’s been looking awesome since he’s been training at Alliance.
    However i also dont think alexander shuld get a shot even if he beats shogun(unless its in very convincing fashion) because jones would destroy him at this point. Another two wins and i think he deserves a shot.

  • lopresti1


  • gm1

    Shogun can win all he wants…
    These are the realities…can Shogun win? possibly…. there is always a possibility… However it is very doubtfull… We are not talking Machida, Rampage or anyone else. We are talking about someone who beat shogun in every aspect. Dominated Shogun, threw him around, out punched him, kicked him. Shougun just got his ass kicked. Outclassed. …Shogun isnt going to re-invent a new style to better himself….Shogun was one of the best in this weight class and he got punked by Jones….Im putting the house on Jones….