Shogun Rua: I will be the first to KO Dan Henderson

Shogun Rua: I will be the first to KO Dan Henderson


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua promised MMA fans around the world to become the first man to ever KO/TKO Dan “Hendo” Henderson, at this weekend’s UFC 139 in San Jose, California. Rua coming off a convincing TKO victory in a rematch with Forrest Griffin at UFC 134, looking to get back on track for a shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight title. As for Henderson, the All American is currently on a three-fight win streak, victimizing Fedor Emelianenko, Renato Sobral and Feijao Calvacante all via KO/TKO.

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  • random_mma

    can’t wait for this fight – both fan favorites and seasoned fighters,
    one true super fight;
    hope both guys show up 100%.

  • thexperience1

    Ehm no homie… u wont.. he’ll knock u the **** out!

  • headxkick

    I doubt it , but anything can happen , hendo should use his wrestling & wait till shogun gasses out .

  • toothless

    hes the first guy to ko machida and maybe the first to ko henderson too..

  • InfiniteEnigma


  • abcdefgh

    Sure, he’s lost to Nogeuira twice via armbar and lost to Wandy but he did take Silva farther than anyone but me. He has come a long way. Rua is a but on the windshield of Dan’s trip to the title shot.

  • japanegro23

    Yea I doubt it too. Hendo has one of the best chins in MMA. I see Hendo getting the knockout in this one.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    to be fair he said ‘hopefully’ i’ll be the first, but ofcourse hopefully doesn’t make a good headline


    No freakin’ way. I wish Liddell had Hendo’s chin.

  • JoeFaceHood

    IDK….a butt on a windshield? That would definitely tear up a set of wipers.

  • DeadlyIntentions93

    He will be the first to TKO him not out cold though.

    Shogun via TKO (Knees and Punches) Round 2.

    If it goes to the later rounds however; Hendo will KO him or win a UD.

  • DonDada

    Why do u hate brazilian fighters?

  • Ninja

    Same here…been waiting for this fight since Shogun won the Pride Grand Prix tourney…Hendo is one of my fav fighters but I like Shogun more and I think he will TKO Hendo, doubt he will KO him completely

  • headxkick

    i forgot these are 5 rounders now , if hendo doesnt get tko’d which i doubt he will , he gets into late 2nd early 3rd shogun will prolly be gassed by then ,

  • abcdefgh

    You need to read my posts after JDS’s win. I gave kudos and acknowledged that American wrestlers have not done well against Brasilian fighters recently, with the exception of Jones vs Rua. I think it is fair to say that Brasil and America are two of the strongest countries in MMA and so there is a natural rivalry.

    I don’t hate anyone. I am passionate and many might say I have a big mouth. I am annoyed that as Anderson Silva’s biggest threat and the fight the public most wants to see I can’t get a fight. BJ got a rematch. Gray got a rematch. I deserve a rematch but Anderson is afraid. I understand that. But it is annoying and so I tend to speak my mind.

    There are 15.44 Troy ounces per pound of gold. At $1760.00 per ounce, and 12 pounds of gold per belt, Anderson has $97,059.36 of mine and I want it.

  • abcdefgh

    “bug”. I talk to the girl that types my stuff for me.

  • Mike Perryman

    I don’t know who to go with on this one because both guys are so dangerous and aggressive in their attacks. I have both of these guys in my stable of Favorite fighters; so I guess I will just ride it out and see. If it comes down to it, I guess I’d like to see Dan win so that he can have another title run now that he’s back in the UFC.

  • gonzo bjj

    i think sho gun has this, but hendo is really good too will just have to wait and see i know if Henderson fight Anderson Silva hes just gonna loose so this is a big fight for hendo

  • BigAlRIz

    This fight is already exciting, but it would be one thousand times better if it was in Japan.

  • grease_monkey289

    i think silva will get you in the 3rd. hes too smart and now that you met in the cage once he knows you. you did but the worst pounding on him he has seen but to pull out a win like that after a beating like that isnt luck. its skill and i do think that you are the second best out there as long as silva is around.

  • ChuteBoxeHero

    Enigma is right.I hope not.I say let them fight to an epic draw.

  • Bucky Power

    shouldnt you be training chael. you spend more time on here than you do training

  • Bucky Power

    FUTHERMORE i believe henderson has a better shot at jones because of his wrestling, shogun doesnt have the best take down defense

  • ClosetCasey

    Is it 1992?

  • Ryan22

    No…just no