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Serra is back in the Title Cotender picture


Marr “The Terror” Serra recently beat UFC veteran Frank Trigg via KO at UFC 109 and Serra feels he has defeated the best of the best and is ready to get back on the top of the Welterweight division where currently Georges St-Pierre sits. Serra is most known for defeating the current champ back in 2007 and now he feels hes ready to take another shot at GSP.

“I’ve fought some tough guys,” he said. “It’s just an honor to be able to say, ‘Look at my resume. Whether they’re wins or losses, look at these guys. They were tough.'”

“But now all the sudden, I’m winning KO of the Night and I’m back in the mix,” he said.

Serra two most recent losses have come from Matt Hughes and GSP and he does not feel ashamed to losing to either one of those opponents as Hughes is consider the greatest Welterweight in the history of MMA and GSP is the best Welterweight curretnly in MMA. Serra is hoping to return to the octagon either late summer or early winter but, currently he is busy opening new gyms.

Source: MMAJunkie.com

  • figured i’d get the first comment on you for a change lol

  • I like serra hes an exciting fighter and I really enjoyed his KO of GSP he messed him up

  • I love Serra. Needs a higher profile fight than Trigg to talk title contention though. But I could see him walking through several of the welterweight contenders. I would love to see him fight Hardy after he gets smacked by GSP. That would be a great match up.

  • I`d like to see matt serra take on paulo thiago next and the winner of that fight would definitely put themselves close to the front of the line for a title shot or maybe step up and fight BJ Penn after he finishes off Frankie Edgar

  • I really like the comment serra made. It is very true.

  • serra is awesome…cool down to earth guy…and he can hit really hard