Sean McCorkle and "The Hottest Woman Alive"

Sean McCorkle and "The Hottest Woman Alive"


Former UFC Heavyweight Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle posted a thread on forums, claiming that he was interviewed by the hottest woman alive. McCorkle asked the UG community to google some pictures, and well… yes, she might be “The Hottest Woman Alive”., please meet the El Octagono/MMATruth reporter Andrea Calle.

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  • UnderdogGreatness

    I’m not sure about her being the hottest woman alive, but she is definitely a cutie.

  • pound4pound

    If she is not the hottest woman alive she is a close second…

  • pound4pound

    BTW I have a huge boner just by looking at the secon pic, look at that ass…

  • pound4pound

    I can´t quit staring…

  • japanegro23

    Man that ass don’t quit. She is definitely a dime piece.

  • TheRealDeal

    Hottest woman alive, please. Look at McCorkle, DERRRRRR!!


    (googles images)

    Free mustache rides for that broad!

  • leozug

    i know to each his own but come on… that is mildly freakish. I’m also willing to bet that under all that Photoshop is some cottage cheese.

  • dattebayou

    now that’s a bubble butt. hehe

  • ck1

    you cant miss it, its fat!

  • pound4pound

    And you must be gay… (not that there is anything wrong with that, hahahaha)

  • Daniel Cassidy

    keep dreamin McCorkle, I’m sure she has the restraining order filed already

  • barochoc

    The air kiss at the end is comedy gold. I bet he wishes he was a few inches shorter now 😀

  • Rigo

    look at the first pic! that ass is filet mignon!!!
    Doggy style all night! hahaha

    Girls with that kind of ass always get my eye!
    i know a lot of guys prefer big tits but girls like her can make
    a man very very happy! specially if shes cuban or puerto rican
    they have some awesome moves!!

  • pound4pound

    She is colombian just like Shakira so I am pretty sure she can move, and I can actually picture her doing it…

  • Warheadchief

    McCorkle definitely has no game. Calling a woman hot doesn’t go as far as calling her, beautiful or alluring. Hot just sounds like you want to bang her and most women don’t like being looked at like that. Unless shes a pornstar or slut.

    And that awkward hug/kiss motion type thing at the end prooves shes not interested. Big ugly ass white boy!


    …. SSSSSmokin!

  • Shelter

    Hmmmm only reason YOU would not like the thickness in that rump, is due to your mini-me size down there Captain Petite Peter…. hahahaha

    That or you prefer anorexic boyish type women…. hahahaha

  • HunterB

    i prefer women with bodies like victoria secret models or SI swimsuit girls, this girl is super hot right now but think about how big that ass is going to be ten years down the road…

  • HunterB

    lol any of the girls on my avatar > this girl

  • pound4pound

    That´s your opinion and I respect it but I disagree…

  • HunterB

    you misspelled your name. every time you post its more and more apparent, that you are the BUM. type type type type douche bag

  • pound4pound

    Oh you don´t have to worry about being with her in ten years, chit you don´t have to worry about getting with her right now…

  • ck1

    what ive noticed is most americans seem to like the big asses on the woman. i dont want woman with a bigger bum than mine. That not sexy!!

  • ck1

    what planet are you on? sexiest woman in the world? you dont get any clearly!!

  • Woodstock


  • pound4pound

    Whay I noticed is that;

    I like big butts and I cannot lie…

  • HunterB

    type type type type type some more keyboard warrior

  • HunterB

    throwing key combos, hes crazy

  • pound4pound

    I am Mexican/American and we sure appreciated a woman with a round rear, she is super sexy, the fact you don´t like is because you may like manly looking woman, she has everything going a dark skin, the black hair, sexy eyes, and a nice body, I do not like the kinda of girls that puke after eating or simply do not eat a lot, the fact you do not like this kinda of woman makes me think you probably have never get a decent looking girl…

  • mma420

    i would use that as my pillow

  • Rane

    Is that a keg in her shorts? Cause I’d just love to tap that ass!

  • doomsdayapex

    I’m Mexican, and I intend to visit in Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil again for this reason alone. Hubba hubba…

    By the by gentlemen, in Colombia women outnumber the men 4 to 1.

  • HunterB

    yeah i know your perfect example, but on the other hand you can look my real MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing record up, type type type type type keyboard warrior.

  • doomsdayapex

    You guys should also see Mosely’s 21 year old girlfriend — Bella Gonzales.

  • doomsdayapex

    Another note: She lives in Miami — 40 minutes away 😀

  • TorontoUFC

    Why is her ass so big, it’s too big. 200lb lady’s ass on a midget

  • doomsdayapex


    Most ‘white boys’ can’t seem appreciate a nice round ass. Frankly, big boobs are wayyy overrated. Those things get real low when women hit their mid-30’s. Ass and legs can stay tight and thick alot longer than tits can (so long as exercise is involved).

  • HunterB

    nah you’re my boy blue!!!

  • HunterB

    i just looked up Bella Gonzales, my god, she blows this girl out of the water…

  • doomsdayapex

    Oh yea…

    On the night of the fight she was wearing a very tight dress and as soon as she stood up from her seat…BAM!

  • UnderdogGreatness

    doomsdayapex : Mosley girl does look good, damn.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Mosley’s girl

  • HunterB

    thought so Bam, run along and type type type some more, you are the P4P keyboard warrior champion

  • Ryan Ventura

    I’d do unspeakable things to this woman lol.