Rumor: Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva vs. Cain Velasquez in April?

Rumor: Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva vs. Cain Velasquez in April?


According to Portal do Vale Tudo (via the UG), Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will make his first appearance under the UFC banner against no other than the former Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The website credits Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira‘s interview to the Brazilian newspaper “Extra”, where Minotauro reveals his new teammate Antonio Silva will make his first appearance inside the Octagon in April, against Cain Velasquez. None of the sides officially confirmed the news, but since Antonio Silva is now a part of Team Nogueira, Big Nog is more than just a reliable source in everything related to Bigfoot’s Octagon debut.

Both Velasquez and Silva are coming off defeats in their most recent bouts. Silva was surprisingly TKO’d by Cain Velasquez‘s teammate Daniel Cormier last September, while Velasquez lost his title to Junior dos Santos via KO at UFC on FOX, which took place back in November.

My 2 Euro Cents:

Frank Mir was widely considered as the most logical choice for Cain Velasquez, who will look to prove a point after a disappointing performance against Junior dos Santos. Mir is currently one of the few Top 10 Heavyweights with a win-streak. In fact, the only fighters currently enjoying an unbeaten run inside the Octagon are Cheick Kongo, Travis Browne, and Mike Russow.

Velasquez vs. Mir is a perfect Heavyweight blockbuster, where both fighters have something to gain and something to lose. On the contrary, Cheick Kongo is currently the best option for Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who has to earn some credibility points by testing himself against a top Heavyweight striker.

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  • Entity

    Congo vs Bigfoot seems like a good exposure fight. People in the UFC will have a better idea of Bigfoot after that fight. Until you see a fighter against fighters you know well, its hard to know where they stand.

  • johndo11

    I hope this is true. Another huge giant to make the HW division more interesting after lesners departure.
    He may have a suspect chin after Cormier broke his hand against it but with his size (290lbs on fight day against Fedor) and a high level bjj black belt, he is a test for anyone.

  • egreenhill

    I honesly think kongo would KO bigfoot.. styles make fights… but he is a good fighter with the right skills i just think a lot of ufc Hws can beat him

  • mauromina

    i would personally had prefered to see cain comeback against mirr but my second choice will be bigfoot silva
    i would love to see bigfoot against a guy of his size… maybe carwin when he makes his return

  • nickp44

    I agree with your “2 Euro Cents,” Anton.

    In my opinion, Mir is 1 fight away from a title shot. With Overeem fighting JDS, Werdum fighting Nelson, and Lesnar retiring, Mir needs to be given the highest ranked guy, which is Velasquez.

  • 51JD51

    I agree with both of you, Stylistically Cormier and Velasquez are very similar, excellent wrestlers with good boxing. I don’t see how the fight gies any different than the Cormier one.

    With Kongo, while I likely see Cheick taking the fight, Bigfoot at least has a chance to take him down and work his BJJ but I don’t see that happening with Velasquez at all.

    Plus I don’t want to see Velasquez break his hand on the Bigfoot’s rock hard skull and keep him out for a while again lol

  • TheRealDeal

    Cain will destroy BigHead, especially since he is coming back after the first loss of his great career. Cain TKO in one.

  • gm1

    Cain will destroy Silva within the first 2rounds. Cain trains with Cormier and they are from the same training camp..
    Cormier always talks about Velasquez that he is a beast in training.

    Silva is the one that shouldnt have taken this fight. Maybe Dana is feeding him to the wolves….

  • biggermmafan

    suspect chin? that shot would have put most people out, he broke his hand on his face for christ sake

  • biggermmafan

    i have to go with big foot in this fight, i dont think cain is going to have the strength to keep up

  • egreenhill

    Just because you train with someone it doesnt mean you are the same fighter & you are capable of what they are doing…

    I do think Cain would win but i am saying that due to his talents and not because he trains with someone that beat Bigfoot

  • biggermmafan

    cain trains with cormier, but cain is not cormier, i think comier would own cain in the first few minutes

  • justscrap

    I personally think bigfoot is better off fighting Congo…and let Mir vs. Cain def. Happen….just because Cain lost to jds don’t mean he has to fall all the way back down to the bottom…that was his first lost and I say Cain vs. Mir needs to happen….and bigfoot vs. Congo or bigfoot vs. Carwin…idk why they give the fighters a hard time and the ones that deserve a title shot are the ones who fight 2 or more fights extra just to get there…case in point guida shuda had a title shot a long time ago…he schooled Pettis,and Ben hendo got beat by Pettis,and Ben only had a couple or a few fights in the ufc….guida has lost yeah but had always fought top fighters…i personally think the top dogs in ufc make some mistakes and sometimes just make decisions based upon money and not what fighters deserve and fans wanna see…..and just like everyone else,everyone had their opinion,thats jus my 2 cents….

  • asdf

    I think it’s a good fight. Both coming of loses. This is also a chance to see where Big Foot stands in the HW division. If he beats Cain, then he’s only a few fights away from title shot. If Cain wins, same thing. I think this is going to be a closer fight. I give the edge to Cain, but i won’t be surprised if Big Foot wins this.

  • dutch_striker

    I thought Kongo was fighting in Japan against Hunt.
    Though, Kongo would take it against Bigfoot, better striker and enough strength and TDD to stop BigFoot’s shots.

  • kredas

    His team mate already Beat Big Foot. Don’t really want to see a rebirth of that fight. I’d prefer Cain vs. Mir, would help Cain more and be interesting. Outside those two, not many left to pick from. Or by the time Reem and Dos Santos fight, Cain could have time to fight both.

  • ljense8

    I have Cain via utter dominance, delivering a 3rd round TKO. Bigfoot is good, but against Cain he will be too slow in standup, and he will get outworked on the ground due to Cain’s superior wrestling, speed, and cardio.


    Bigfoot versus Cain will be like Bigfoot versus Cormier 2 and a much Stronger and experienced version on of Daniel Cormier and the result. Well yo know what happens to Bigfoot versus Daniel.

  • IChokePeople

    Really. You guys are absolutely positive that Kongo would beat Silva? Is it possible? Yes. That said Fedor is at least as dangerous on his feat and has better takedown defense than Kongo. My bet would be on Big Foot to win that fight. As for Big Foot V Cain, my inclination is to go with the consensus BUT Big Foot has shown an inconsistent chin. He took some bombs from Arlovski and Fedor and kept coming yet seemed a bit glass jawed against Kyle and Cormier. I would expect Cain to be too fast and have too much of a wrestling advantage for Silva but if Silva did get on top of him I think it would be game over. Additionally, Silva may have an advantage in the striking with his long arms. He did out box Arlovski who, despite everything else, is a very good boxer. I think it is a hard fight to call really.

  • mindkontrolle

    Cormier gonna fight Fedor

  • TheMMAfan

    congo vs bigfoot, people are going to think its either a geographical or a new tarzan

  • highlife

    rumour has it that the footprint on bigfoots back is real ….from his dad.

  • johndo11

    I get what you’re saying but Mike Kyle dropped him and nearly had him out aswell. For me that puts a question mark on his chin in the UFC. He’s gonna be up against some seriously heavy hitters. Carwin, JDS, Overeem, Kongo, Carwin, even Pat Barry all hit harder than Mike Kyle.
    Just my opinion.

  • IChokePeople

    Fedor hits harder than Kyle as well but sometimes it is just the right punch at the right time not just the hardest.