Rua vs. Vera to headline UFC on FOX 4, Lombard vs Boetsch...

Rua vs. Vera to headline UFC on FOX 4, Lombard vs Boetsch at UFC 152


Less than twenty-four hours after losing Brian Stann and Michael Bisping due to injury, Ultimate Fighting Championship have officially announced that the former Light Heavyweight champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will face Brandon Vera in the brand new UFC on FOX 4 main event, while Hector Lombard goes off the card to face Tim Boetsch at UFC 152.

The fight between Rua and Vera seems like a good deal for both fighters. Rua is currently on a two-fight losing streak, while Vera went back on winning ways with a Unanimous Decision victory over Elliot Marshall at UFC 137. If victorious against Rua, Brandon Vera can find himself back in the mix for a shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight title, after a series of disappointed performances against Randy Couture, Thiago Silva and Jon Jones. The latter broke Vera’s face in three places, and put him on a year-long layoff.

As for Rua, this looks like a winnable fight for the Brazilian, who wants to prove that he still has what it takes to become a champion again. Shogun is 2-3 in his last five fights, losing to Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida, and Dan Henderson.

Hector Lombard‘s participation at UFC 152 could make way for Brian Stann vs. Michael Bisping at the upcoming card in England. Bisping vs. Stann could be an immediate sell-out, with serious title implications for both fighters.

UFC 152 is expected to take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on September 22nd. BJ Penn recently accepted Rory MacDonald‘s challenge to fight on the card, while Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch shapes it up as a solid PPV event. Former UFC Featherweight title challenger Mark Hominick also stated that he’s expecting to fight on the card.

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  • PukeVomit

    rua via kill

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    plz no bisping vs. stann in england, friggin tired of bisping headlining englands cards just cos him + hardy are the homeboys doesn’t mean they have to fight on every british card

  • IChokePeople


  • Kackvogel

    this matchup surprises me, but i like it!!! both have exciting stand up skills and i think it will be a great fight. shogun is the favorite, but i respect vera for taking that fight on short notice.

  • Kackvogel

    ok, no short notice … its UFC 152 ^^ :)

  • totsno2

    I agree with you regarding Bisping….. I called this fight earlier on the wall. Seemed obvious..!!!!!

  • Decarnate

    Rua is actually on a 1 fight losing streak.

    He will demolish Vera.. Guy is barely good enough to be considered a gatekeeper.

  • davetec1

    yeah really, what an easy one for Shogun…

  • enjoylife321

    This is a great fight for Vera. If he wins this matchup it definetly puts him back in the mix. Both guys will want to stand in this matchup.

    Whether he can run for another title shot will depend on this performance and at least securing another two impressive wins.

    The lightweight division however is like an old fleet and there is going to be a massive changing of the guard over the next three years.

    The top guys are all getting much older. You have Henderson, Matysushenko both over 40, nogeuira, tito, forrest, rampage, bonnar, machida all around mid thirties, evans in his low thirties, and even vera is 34.

    The only guys who are really young in the divsion and getting any notice is the 25 year old swede alexander Gustafsson and the champ bones jones. This division is going to see alot of big name fighters retiring in the next few years.

  • TheRealDeal

    And I thought Vera was in trouble fighting TeHuna. Now he’s screwed.

  • TheRealDeal

    I’m with you on this one, but totally see Bisping headling in the UK, assuming he is “healed” in time.

  • KeithFarrell

    Could think of at least 3 guys that would be 10x better than Vera to fill the space of Silva; Gus, Glover, Davis and even Rampage if he’s healed.

    Shogun is a world beater but Vera is maybe not even main card level any more.

    Shame that the Lombard Stann fight was ruined as well, that was easily a potential FOTY candidate. Would of been almost as pleased with Bisping but now he’s injured as well. Don’t see Lombard losing to Boetsch in any area, only way I coudl imagine Tim winning s the way he won against Okami (major comeback), this is coming from a Boetsch fan as well.

  • KeithFarrell

    Oh and for everyone saying that vera has great stand up… you obviously didn’t see his last fight, he was rocked by a much less than average striker in Elliot Marshall. If Marshall rocked him, Shogun is going to decapitate him.

    IMO Vera is the most over hyped guy in UFC history, his only win over good competition was against Frank Mir in his dark days.
    Every time he steps in competition he gets dominated, and going from Marshall to Shogun is a massive step up in competition.

    Might sound harsh but not overly fond of guys declaring they will be 2 div. champions when their strongest asset is their belief in their hype.

  • highkick12

    Remember when Jon Jones broke Vera’s face?

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    Too bad for Vera, he should have gotten an easier fight.
    If he gets beaten too fast, Dana will cut him again…

    I hope to see a comptitive muay htai fight though

  • nochoice

    Shogun turning into a p…. ?
    Didn’t want to fight teixera, but now fights vera who lost what three in a row?
    Total miss match, hope vera is gonna suprise us !
    Nr 3 or 4 in the world fighting someone outside the top 30 ?

  • David Saucier

    ehhh, not excited for this one

  • griffin

    veras getting his faced smashed again… poor guy cant catch a break

  • Entity

    I think originally Rua wanted a higher ranked opponent, then he got slammed with Vera. Seems you didnt turn into but were born a p****.. You calling any of these real fighters p****** shows how f****** stupid and immature you are.

  • InfiniteEnigma

    somebody is getting a broken shin, or both.

  • matt1926

    Is Vera really the only option?? And Of course Shogun took this fight because he knows hes gonna win. Thats why he turned down the offer to fight Texeira. I’d be alot more excited for this fight if it were Shogun Texeira. Vera has not been exciting for 3 years.

  • nickp44

    At first I thought, “Rua by whatever he wants”… but then I figured… well….yeah, still Rua by whatever he wants :)

  • ian

    Vera has no business in the cage with shogun who is coming back from losing the belt to JJ and a war with Hendo, shogun wanted the mauler, that would’ve been an interesting fight.

  • dropkickmurphy

    Vera is a huge step up in competition for Rua rather than Glover (please insert dripping sarcasm and comic book guy imitation here)

  • random_mma

    i wonder how joe rogan is going to hype-up this match

  • FlawLes

    Vera has a good chance to win this fight. I personally thought Couture lost that fight, but… ok he lost three in a row to guys that took him down. 2 of them r great wrestlers. Shogun likes to keep the fight standing unless hes losing. So to me its an good match up for Vera. I dont think he will win, but i do think it will be a better fight than people think.

    Vera has been around for a long time. For guys to say Shogun is too much for him, really dont know Vera’s history. Vera used to be one of the poster childs for the UFC.

    To the UFC and Brandon Vera, this should be right up his phuckin alley!!

    LOL still a tough phuckin fight for Vera!

  • whitemare

    how about we get a title fight in england WTF every other country gets one but no we get michael bisping fackin ****s,

    Canada gets title fights Japan gets title fights, Brazil gets title fights, But we get a guy who wouldnt be headling a main UFC card in any other country

  • Entity

    I dont mind saying what needs to be said, popular never was my goal lol

  • gm1

    Vera has zero wrestling skills…….

  • Evan Holober

    Randy Couture would disagree.

  • Evan Holober

    Poor Vera, he never should have left HW. His speed, and power were so much better there.

  • gm1

    Neither of these two even if they won would be in the MIX….

    They both got CRUSHED by Jones and they probably dont want any of that anymore unless its purely for the money….

  • gm1

    I agree nochoice on your view…I dont know about the P**** part….
    Rua should have taken any fight…but Teixera would of been a better fight.
    Vera is washed up in my opinion…
    When is the UFC going to learn that fighters dont get to pick who they fight…..Their job is to fight…if you dont want to fight someone..pass him up and get 2other guys to fight….Im sure there are many guys out there that want to make a few bucks….

  • ny2ut2id2nv

    Nothing like beating the powerhouse that is Elliot Marshall to earn a fight against Shogun….

  • nutshell

    I was a Vera fan. But man come on!!! What is he guna do to Shogun? Bore him to death???