Rothwell Out Of 110, Sinosic vs Hanseman Cancelled

Rothwell Out Of 110, Sinosic vs Hanseman Cancelled


Just two days before UFC made its debut in Australia, Ben Rothwell has fallen ill and will not be able to fight Cro Cop on Feb 20th. Rothwell’s illness is currently disclosed. Anthony Perosh replaces ill Ben Rothwell. Perosh has not fought in the UFC since 2006 but he is currently 5-2 in the Cage Fighting Championship organization.

Elvin Sinosic sustained a shoulder injury during training forcing him to pull out of the fight. Instead of replacing the injured Sinosic UFC has decided to completely pull the fight.

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  • UrHype

    lmao you posted seconds before me I believe.
    UFC luck has really sucked lately with Elvis & Haseman out also.
    Maybe we’ll see that CroCop victory anyways

  • Ninja

    Ya Cro Cop has to win this fight now, if he loses to a guy who only had 2 days notice he should retire

  • Rory Kernaghan

    Hey ninja sorry pali posted bout 10 minutes b4 u!!!! its a close one 2day!!!