Rock 96.7 Split Decision Podcast: Donald Cerrone says Nate Diaz fight is...

Rock 96.7 Split Decision Podcast: Donald Cerrone says Nate Diaz fight is "personal"


Joey Bueller and Brandon Dodge are back for another edition of Rock 96.7’s Split Decision Podcast. As always, Bueller and Dodge share thoughts on the most important news in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and in this episode, welcome the recently awarded 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year, Donald Cerrone, to the show. After taking a look back on Stirkeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal, they invite Cerrone to discuss his upcoming showdown with Nate Diaz, which will serve as co-headliner for the upcoming UFC 141 event. “Cowboy,” never one to shy away from a challenge, explains his disdain for Diaz, and says his opponent’s disrespect has only served as added motivation for the bout.

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Donald Cerrone

“If (Nate Diaz) tries to pitter-patter me and play that bulls–t game, he’s going to get picked apart. Go ahead, hit me b–ch, that’s how I prepare for that. Bring it on.

He’s stupid. He’s not very intelligent with his trash-talking. It’s not like I’m going against Chael Sonnen, who will just destroy me. That guy is super intelligent and comes at people from all levels. I’m dealing with a street thug, you know, an idiot. So, I’m not real worried about his trash-talking. Just f–k him, if he wants to talk s–t, bring it on. I tried to shake his hand and be cool with the dude and he wants to take it to another level. Now, he’s pissed me off and now it’s personal. And now I’m going to fight a lot harder because of it.”

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  • David Saucier

    Im so ****en pumped this is the real main event of that card, screw Brock, and Reem, and its going to steal the show, Brock and Reem will be a let down after it follows this fight.

  • InfiniteEnigma

    This should be a tight fight…Cowboy all the way !!

  • Mike Perryman

    Finally Joey, some meat on the Cowboy and Nate!! You’ve been reading my mind here lately. This is gonna be an awesome match! These guys don’t care for each other at all.
    But I think that the Cowboy may not be telling the whole story when it comes to when he tried to shake Nate’s hand. Maybe he was trying to size up Nate by getting close to him. It is just speculation on my part; But everybody knows how thse Diaz boys get when prepping for a fight. Cowboy knew better than to do what he did.

  • Mike Perryman

    I see this thing going down as a standup war before it goes to the ground and more than likely ends with Nate catching the Cowboy in a super-slick submission.

  • DR3W

    are you serious…you don’t smack someones hand and say punk ass. That is rude as hell and who does that a complete ignorant dumb ass. Hope cowboy gives this punk a ass whooping.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Nate Diaz is not the smartest cookie in the box and he’s not a mixed martial artist, he’s a fighter who needs to be pissed at his opponent cause its a fight. What better way to be pissed at your opponent than pissing him off first. Sad mentality tho ! War cerrone. TKO rd 3

  • Joey Santosus

    From what I understand, it was before the Cerrone vs. Diaz fight had even been booked. The confrontation that he’s referring to occurred at the UFC 137 Open Workouts, when Nate was there helping Nick prepare for the Penn fight, and Cerrone was preparing to fight Dennis Siver.

    As for there being more to it, I don’t think that’s the case. Nate said it was simply that Cerrone is “in his bracket,” meaning the 155-pound division, and therefore shouldn’t have approached him.

  • Entity

    The Diaz bros always get in their opponent’s heads, its what they do and it either works well or Nate gets smashed one or the other lol. Nicks a little harder to do that to.

  • Entity

    It depends if Nate can deal with Cowboy’s speed. Nate’s boxing in the Gomi fight looked so good, I just cant down play this fight one way or another. Too bad we have to wait one more week ArGh!

  • Bruce Lee

    I agree with DR3W. It would have been fine if he didn’t offer his hand, said “Sorry, I’m in the zone” and walked away. I’ve always liked Nate but now I see he’s seems to be cut from the same personality disordered cloth as Nick. Suddenly I’m a Cowboy fan.

  • D

    Seriously Cowboy?

    When is the last time you saw a Diaz brother shake their opponents hand before a fight?

    Are you really surprised?

  • Mike Perryman

    Rite on Joey…I thought it happened more recently than that when I heard the Cowboy talking about open workouts. Didn’t get the part about it being just before 137. Thanks bud; you cleared that right up for me.
    Wow! So Nate don’t wanna talk to no-one in his weight bracket. If he aint got no friends, he won’t have to worry about fighting any friends. One way to see things I guess.

  • ak4742011542

    Nate Diaz all day …cowboy is gettin ****y and he wont beat diaz in any area….i would love to see cerone get submitted cause he is a ****y asshole

  • ak4742011542


  • ak4742011542

    Nate diaz vs Pettis is the fight i wana see

  • gmb88

    Can’t wait for the weigh in never mind the fight

  • Ringo

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  • Mike Perryman

    Things are starting to heat up with these two cats! Ilike both of these guys and it’s hard for me to go with one as opposed to the other. Cowboy is the Breakout fighter of the year for Pete’s sake! I’ve been watching him since his two epic battles with Jamie Varner in the WEC. Those fights were exciting wars with the Cowboy looking superb.
    Nate Diaz has been on my radar ever since he was on the Ultimate Fighter and put that blemish on Gray’s then perfect record. It was a blemish because it did not go on Gray’s record. But Nate showed how talented he is on the show. I didn’t like him then, but he’s grown on me considerably in the past couple of years.
    I don’t know who is gonna take this fight, but I got Nate as the favorite because of his sick submission skillset and the fact that Cowboy has been submitted in the past. I can’t wait to see this fight!! Gotta go with Big Dave at the top on this one- I think this is the real main event.

  • saulgood

    Always disliked both the Diaz brothers, its a job not the streets of Stockton. Acting thug is ignorant. Hope the cowboy smashes him.

  • enjoylife321

    I hope Cerrone takes Diaz’s back and gives him some jail love without lube….Diaz is a complete knob who is going to get raped in this fight.

    He will be bleeding from his nose and ass after cowboy finishes him

  • Entity

    Be sure to delete your history and cookies when your finished, who knows what is in that PC.

  • kickassfast

    hope diaz destroys cerrone, cerrone has just been so over confident hes just arrogant, i was surprised diaz hasnt even talked much crap throughout the prefight hype i hope he wins, to be honest i think jon jones has rubbed off on donald

  • codemaster

    Both of these fighters are c.o.cky. I like cowboy’s brand of c.o.ckiness better.

    This is a fight I have been waiting for. Nate was mauled by MacDonald, then he returned and schooled Gomi with by far superior striking. The Cowboy has been on fire recently.

    I can’t wait for this fight.

  • GoldenBibi

    This fight is the real main event.. Nate vs Cowboy….. **** Brock… I hope Demolition Man destroy him…. War Nate Diaz…

  • D

    I think Diaz probably has better hands and better BJJ, but I think Cowboy is stronger, more explosive, and the better wrestler. He also uses a better mix of strikes with a lot more kicks and knees. It could really go either way.

  • greeneyeleo

    Whatever happens, this will be a real test for both fighters. Nate’s outstanding BJJ and ever-improving striking and Cowboy’s amazing well-roundedness and solid game plans will be akin to the “unstoppable force vs. immoveable object”. They both always show up with amazing cardio and conditioning, so this definitely will be a war where heart will be the X-factor! Awesome!

  • mik00756

    all i will say is Brock i hope gets his ass beat again than maybe people will finally know how fonny this goof realy is,as Cain proved,he through him around like a little girl,after he gets beat again he will come back to Canada and slaughter some more deer,i dont know what it will take for all you bone heads out there that think this guy can fight,he simply cant make it as a champion,you can only lay on opponents for so long thats how he has one all his fights,and if you haven’t know test as soon as the goof gets hit he covers up like a little girl.