Joey Bueller and Brandon Dodge are back for another edition of Rock 96.7's Split Decision Podcast. As always, Bueller and Dodge share thoughts on the most important news in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and in this episode, welcome the recently awarded 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year, Donald Cerrone, to the show. After taking a look back on Stirkeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal, they invite Cerrone to discuss his upcoming showdown with Nate Diaz, which will serve as co-headliner for the upcoming UFC 141 event. "Cowboy," never one to shy away from a challenge, explains his disdain for Diaz, and says his opponent's disrespect has only served as added motivation for the bout.

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Donald Cerrone

"If (Nate Diaz) tries to pitter-patter me and play that bulls--t game, he's going to get picked apart. Go ahead, hit me b--ch, that's how I prepare for that. Bring it on.

He's stupid. He's not very intelligent with his trash-talking. It's not like I'm going against Chael Sonnen, who will just destroy me. That guy is super intelligent and comes at people from all levels. I'm dealing with a street thug, you know, an idiot. So, I'm not real worried about his trash-talking. Just f--k him, if he wants to talk s--t, bring it on. I tried to shake his hand and be cool with the dude and he wants to take it to another level. Now, he's pissed me off and now it's personal. And now I'm going to fight a lot harder because of it."