Prince of Persia: Kamal Shalorus talks UFC on FX 1 (Exclusive)

Prince of Persia: Kamal Shalorus talks UFC on FX 1 (Exclusive)


Next Friday, WEC veteran Kamal Shalorus will make his second appearance inside the UFC Octagon, with sights on bouncing back from defeat to Jim Miller at UFC 128. Shalorus will welcome the undefeated Habib Nurmagomedov to the Octagon. The fight will be featured on FuelTV portion of UFC on FX1, which will take place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shalorus is currently 9-1-1 in his Mixed Martial Arts campaign, with 4 KO/TKO and 1 Submission victories. Following the loss to Miller, Shalorus moved his training camp to Costa Mesa, California, where he trains at Antoni Hardonk‘s Dynamix Gym. The Prince of Persia also changed his diet, and is working non-stop to to add an improved striking skills to his world class wrestling arsenal.

In an interview with, Shalorus spoke about his return to the Octagon, training at Dynamix, and the challenge of handing Nurmagomedov his first defeat. Feel free to follow The Prince of Persia on Twitter @KamalShalorus.

You recently changed camps, currently working with Antoni Hardonk at Dynamix. What is the reason behind such decision, and what kind of improvements you see in your game following the move to Dynamix?
I wanted to reinvent myself as a fighter, and develop new striking skills that complimented my wresting game. I was familiar with Antoni because we work with the same management company. We met and worked together for a week, and I knew it was the perfect fit for me going forward. The team at Dynamix has put a lot of work and attention to my skills. I am taking my striking, BJJ, and MMA to a new level, while at the same time, brining my wrestling back into my MMA arsenal. I could not be happier. Plus, I have a lot of support living in Los Angeles. I am grateful for my time in Austin, and I would not be here without all the trainers and training partners I had there. All the moments in my development have been instrumental to my career.

In one of your recent interviews you spoke about having a new diet. Could you elaborate on that, and how important in your opinion is the nutrition factor when it comes to becoming a title contender in the UFC?
Dieting and nutrition is another fundamental and essential component to becoming a champion. My new diet has allowed me to gain more energy, while at the same time, dropping my weight and not compromising my strength. I feel great.  

What would be the first thing fans notice when you’re fighting Habib Nurmagomedov? Will it be “all-new” Kamal Shalorus (not that the old one was bad!)?
Every fight I want to be an improved fighter. Coming back after a short lay off, and working with a new team I plan to make a great show. Habib and I will put it all on the line and make an excellent fight for the fans. The Prince is back.

What do you know about Habib Nurmagomedov? Do you think he might fall under the pressure of making his debut in the UFC?
What I know is that all fighters that are in the UFC deserve to be there. They are all tough. One has to treat every fight like it is the last and most important fight of their career. My greatest challenge ahead is my next opponent, and I will take Habib seriously. He probably has pressure coming into the UFC, but he is also an experienced European fighter. At the end of the day though, my focus is not on what is going through Habib’s mind. What I have taught myself to do is simply focus on my development. If I come in at 100% that is my primary focus. I assume the same mentality from my opponents.  

Nurmagomedov has an undefeated record of 16-0. Is that something you pay attention to? Do you think records matter in MMA?
His record is strong. He deserves to be in the UFC. My team and I have studied all the film on him because there is a lot of information on the Internet on him. You never know with the European fighters with their records because it is not as organized out there as it is in the states. So I don’t focus on the records for guys debuting in the UFC. My attention goes on studying the opponent’s skills from film. Fortunately, we have had a lot to work with on this one.  

What is your prediction for this fight, Submission / KO / or maybe a decision?
No predictions. I just promise to put it all on the line and make a great show for the fans. They deserve nothing less.

Good luck from Staff! Would you like to thank anyone or mention any sponsors?
I would like to thank my coaches, friends, family, and management team at Alchemist . Can’t wait to make a great show for everyone. Thanks to the support.

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  • Entity

    Kamal does look like hes right out of the movie “300”


    I’m hoping he bounces back. Going up against Miller was a tough way to make it into the UFC.

  • The Titan

    I think Kamal shouldn’t of fought a top guy in his UFC debut. Jim Miller was just more experience than him. Hopefully he learned from his mistakes and adjusted his game. I hope to see more wrestling from him since he is a world class wrestler.