Phil Davis: I will be rooting for Rashad Evans against Jon Jones

Phil Davis: I will be rooting for Rashad Evans against Jon Jones


Previously undefeated Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis shared his pick for the upcoming grudge match between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. Davis revealed he will be rooting for Evans, simply because of the MMA math effect that would do him a favor, since he lost to “Suga” back at UFC on FOX 2. The fight between Evans and Jon Jones is currently scheduled for UFC 145 in Atlanta, Georgia, taking place on April 21st at the Philips Arena.


“Umm, good question. See, part of me wants to say ‘I don’t think he will win’, but I’m rooting for Rashad. That’s just…. I pretty much have to because I lost to him, so at this point I’m going to say he’s going to win.”

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    Can someone tell that dumptruck Bruce Lee that I’m not scared of him or his Pat Barry built wife.


    Well he’d sound very bitter if he said he was pro Jones.

  • David Saucier

    Not trying to be racist here, but has anyone notice the UFC pushes matchups/Drama between their lhw black fighter Evans/Rampage/Jones, then they sucked Phil Davis in it, and King Mo has been beefing with Page as well.

  • terra2805

    I respect Bones Jones for what he has acheived in such a short space of time but there is a ****iness to him which makes me want to see him lose, the way he says things like he’s destined to be the LHW champ for years to come, THAT’S ****y. He is a phenominal fighter though, can’t argue with that but to say Rashad doesn’t stand a chance is short sighted imo. Rashad has been around a long time now and has fought a who’s who list of LHW’s as well as beginning his career at HW, and lets not forget he has still only lost once, which is some going in the current LHW division. He also has great striking, great power and great wrestling as he again proved against Davis. As well as the fact that they trained together for a while at Jacksons so Rashad has a better insight than most. I know the odds will favour Jones but you can’t count Rashad out completely, you just never know. I’ll be rooting for Rashad anyway come fight night…..

  • mattystorm1987

    jones will win..

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Miesha Tate is my favorite female fighter when it comes to her looks, but this video is not doing her any justice. She looked like a man.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Miesha Tate is my favorite female fighter when it comes to her looks, but this video is not doing her justice. She looked like a man.

  • Lowkickdodger

    They’re trying to look like boxing.

  • ko4u

    You mean that wasn’t Clay Guida in the middle?

  • The Titan

    What the Hell is wrong with you David?

  • Bruce Lee

    Yeah, I find anonymity makes people very brave. I accept you that you aren’t scare of me and also that you aren’t afraid of my wife. I guess that makes you feel pretty good about yourself.

  • TheEnforcer

    i know what your saying, but theirs 10s if not hundreds of the same beef between white fighters also so i dont their any reason behind it

  • odeh91

    lol i got u man i weaked him for u i weak him all the time just for looking like a ****head in his pic

  • MD777

    Rashad knew Jones well enough and Rashad actually a very smart fighter as well as maybe good enough for him to pulls off for a decision.IMO

  • jamo

    phil davis is going to be a sad SOB on that day cause rashad is going to be on the wrong end of a new highlight reel. i’m not a huge fan of jones, but the dude is sick.

  • cranestyle

    …because if Jones hands Rashad his ass, that will make me look like an even bigger loser.

  • Krogan

    That could be because the entire top of the LHW division is black except for Mashida? If you are refering to the smack talk then its something that is becoming more and more common in the UFC very much regardless of race. Sonnen, Bisping, Diaz, Dominick, Faber even GSP getting in on it vs Diaz.

  • Krogan

    To be fair he does admit as much.

  • Bruce Lee

    Read Hateocracy’s comment above tart. That’s how it works here. People on the comments above 😉