Pat Barry defeats Joey Beltran via Unanimous Decision

Pat Barry defeats Joey Beltran via Unanimous Decision


Pat “HD” Barry successfully returned from injury, scoring a convincing Unanimous Decisiou victory over Joey Beltran. Barry’s devastating leg kicks were the deciding factor in this fight, as the kickboxing veteran made Joey Beltran‘s left leg his main target. However, Beltran showed a lot of heart, continued the fight and managed to trouble Pat Barry on numerous occasions with good striking combinations.

But as the fight continued Pat Barry increased the pressure, making it hard for Joey Beltran to stand up on his feet at the end of the fight. Judges awarded Pat Barry a 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 Unanimous Decision, which gives a perfect outline of what went inside the Octagon. Pat Barry improves his MMA record to 6-2, and puts himself back on track in the UFC Heavyweight division.

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  • EnsonInoue

    that was a weird fight wasnt sure on who would win till the late third rnd

  • doberman

    Beltran left leg is dead RIP but Beltran himself is OK. What a warrior!

  • Scrappler

    Pat Barry is the motha****ing man! That dude kicks like a ****ing horse. I hope he fights matt Mitrione next and knocks the smile off his face.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I have to give Beltran some mad props for being a dog….His leg was F…ed up, but he didn’t give up.

  • evilways

    I was surprised it took Barry so long to start firing those leg kicks.

  • dudenicecock

    really dominate preformance, but i wish barry pushed the action a little more. also, anyone else think its weird how he kinda just stops every once in a while and puts his hands up as the opponent tees off on him? like in kickboxing matches.

  • Vergina

    Barry didn’t look like himself

  • moots

    To be honest I wasn’t sure if this was Barry’s fight – I thought Beltran won the first round, the 2nd was sort of close in my opinion, but then Barry turned it up in the 3rd. I think Barry was sort of playing it safe – he really needed this win and I’m glad he got it.

  • KeithFarrell

    Chris Leben who? Joey Beltran is by far the toughest fighter in the UFC. My god what a ****ing man! His balls must be massive!!!!!!

  • DJPlatinumUSA

    This was definitely the fight of the night!

  • TenderRainDrop

    same thing here. Sometimes he just lets his opponent beat his face for some odd reason. I felt he really could have finished the fight any time he wanted but decided to play a tad safe due to his poor groundwork. But i’m happy he won.

  • CS89BJJ

    there teammates dude

  • Dabs

    I think Beltran won the first two rounds and Barry dominated the 3rd but not enough for a 10-8. A draw is the best he should have got.

    Personally I think he put a bet on the fight to go the distance….many fighters these days who do not think they are getting paid enough take matters into their own hands. The same happened with boxing once it became big and you could bet on any small fight.

  • overhand right

    I felt it was a convincing win for barry but he really should have tko’d beltran. he didn’t show any killer instinct. it was obvious in the 3rd round that beltran’s leg was dead and barry was at a huge advantage. he was either playing it safe or he simply wasn’t able to finish beltran, neither of which looks good for him imo.

  • griffin

    i am not impressed by his performance

  • rock111

    Pat Barry will never be a champion….not even close.

  • Six

    Barry should have walked all over Beltran .. yet another lackluster performance from a supposed stand-up artist.
    He never fails to disappoint.

  • Six

    Wondered that too .. his stats on the UFC claim he has almost 60 fights.
    But Sherdog and all the other sites have him right around 35 sanctioned fights … maybe the UFC is including fights he got into at Burger King and the mall.

  • Warcrazed

    Dont you ever listen to Dana White!! :p There are no teams when it comes to fighting, you fight who you have to. I’m not a huge Mitrione fan, I actually don’t like the dude but hes def got talent.. As for Barry, no killer instinct, I was kinda shocked that he stood back as Beltran hobbled around

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree with your assessment here. I am a Barry fan, who couldn’t like him as a person? But if he wants to be a top tier Heavyweight, he is going to have to get that finishing attitude. I was disappointed on a couple occasions in the third round, I felt he could have stopped it.

  • Joey Santosus

    Thats exactly my thoughts as well… He still has a K-1 thing about him. Like when he should be finishing, he tends to step back and reset as if it were a Kickboxing match.

  • fllc

    man, this articles are writen before de fight???
    “”scoring a convincing Unanimous Decisiou victor””
    “”increased the pressure”””
    “”good striking combinations”

    UFC HW sucks……..

  • dudenicecock

    exactly. he also does the thing where if hes pushed up against the cage he sits there and ducks down with his hands up until his opponent finishes his combo. that doesnt work too well with these tiny gloves.

  • falcon4917

    I agree Dabs, I picked Pat to win in R1 but I feel Beltran won on points as he was hitting more often by far. They judged this by damage this time instead of the three rounds they seemed to be thinking of who would win the next 2 which was obvious Barry would win them. I think Beltran won the fight but came out worse physically.

  • doberman

    I laughed so hard at the end when Beltran went down and Barry started hammer fisting that leg. Then when the final bell rang beltran laid there until his corner said “get up act like you won”! Very entertaining fight though.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    Man, Barry’s kicks, they just shock me every time I see those massive legs whipping through the air with such intense snap. Unreal, he just needs to learn how to land the shots that matter a bit more frequently.

  • UrHype

    He might be too damn nice for his own good from what Ive seen

  • p4pfedor

    Yah he got the win but that was far from an impressive.

  • pound4pound

    Beltran just won´t quit I guess, the first round I gave him to to him then the 2nd could´ve go either way but the thir round was Barry´s, I thought it was a exciting fight, I am fan of Barry but at the end I was rooting for Beltran just because of all the heart he showed,,,


    Beltran deserves to stick around. Especially after taking kicks to the head that would have KO’d weaker men. The guy can really take the hits. Reminded me of Cabbage.

    Joey might have won had he kept the pressure on Pat. He was landing some good shots & one look at Pats face tells how much he was hit. But i’m sure Joey’s legs looks pretty ugly right about now.