Pat Barry: If Lavar Johnson punches me hard enough, you'll see a...

Pat Barry: If Lavar Johnson punches me hard enough, you'll see a wrestler jump out


UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry, who will square off with fellow heavy-hitter Lavar Johnson at UFC on Fox 3, discusses his opponent, as well as his expectations for the bout. Barry says he’s still determined to score a submission victory inside the octagon, but admits that he’s coming out to stand and trade with Johnson on May 5th.

Pat Barry

“The plan is no (wrestling). Now, I’m not saying that I’m completely against it. If he punches me in the head hard enough, you’ll see a wrestler jump out of me somewhere. So, the plan is not to go to the ground, it’s to avoid it. Me, as a fan, I would rather see two guys stand there and punch each other in the head over and over again – hopefully, I’m not on the end of that. If it has to happen, it has to happen, but that’s not the plan. The plan is to stand there and punch and kick each other until somebody gives up, quits or is unconscious.

We’re coming to put on a fight. That’s what it’s going to be. Round 2, nope. Round 3, don’t like it. I don’t think either one of us, I guarantee we’re not 15-minute fighters. We can do it if we have to, but neither one of us wants to do that. I personally want to throw one punch and leave. I don’t want to do anymore than that.”

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  • Bruce Lee

    ” If he punches me in the head hard enough, you’ll see a wrestler jump out of me”

    Hopefully its not an KTFO unconscious wrestler

  • OperationCWAL

    Pat Berry is funny, this guy asks questions to himself and answers them lol!!

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    he wants to put on a show

    by throwing 1 punch and leaving


  • Entity

    I still say if Barry can get pissed off before a fight,he’d win most of them. He has the tools but I dont know about that killer instinct.

  • lights_out11

    no killer instinct?!? did you see what he did to hardonk and when he clipped morecraft the ref had to pull him out because he just pounced on him saying barry has no kiler insticnt is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Entity

    I guess the CroCop fight tainted my thought of him. By the way, how many years ago was the Hardonk fight? Bet you have to look.

  • JTalbain

    As long as it’s a Falcon Punch that explodes his opponents face across the first 12 rows of seats, I can live with that.

  • JTalbain

    I’d have to agree with you actually about getting pissed off. The most angry I’ve ever seen him was in his fight during the first “Battle for the Troops” event, after he got kneed in the nuts twice. He was FURIOUS, and he kicked his opponent in the leg about six times so hard that he couldn’t stand any more.

  • JTalbain

    I’d have to look for the last time I saw Hardonk fight at all.

  • Entity

    Im not trying to disrespect Barry at all. I’ve seen a video where he was a bit stockier (believe it or not) and he was leg kicking a hard bag 80lb’der/ You could hear the kick, it sounded vicious. The bag was holding in half. I have yet to see him kick anyone as hard as he was kicking that bag..
    He has the tools no doubt, but it seems like he holds back for some reason, instead of just attacking hard and fast from the start. I think he could take the legs away from any fighter out there if that was his intent. Bas would do that to you if he knew leg kicks hurt you.

  • MMAfan87

    Johnson’s KO last fight was fackin insane… I like Pat Barry I hope this fight has some fireworks…but Lavar is a beast lol he kept that guy up with upercuts if he would have just stopped after the first one that guy would’ve collapsed but he kept standing him up everytime he connected….SICK!!!