Nogueira "Training His **s Off" For Velasquez

Nogueira "Training His **s Off" For Velasquez


With Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira’s fight with top heavyweight Cain Valasquez less than two weeks away, his manager Ed Soares, had this to say about his clients training regime;

“Well, I know that Big Nog is training his ass off right now. As everyone saw, unfortunately when he lost to Frank Mir, and not taking anything away from Frank Mir, but Nogueira wasn’t the Nogueira that he normally is because of the staph infection and all of the injuries. But he came back and he fought Randy Couture and put on the fight that he put on and we’re just really excited that he’s training hard and he’s healthy. He’s training with a lot of wrestlers, boxers and Jiu Jitsu guys and Cain Velasquez is a serious competitor.

The guy is a beast and an animal. He’s very strong, quick, and relentless and he doesn’t stop. He’s got a lot of gas. I think it’s a great test. A lot of people have a lot of hype behind Cain Velasquez, but I believe in Nogueira and I believe in his boxing and Jiu-Jitsu and I believe Nogueira could have a good night. We’re hoping to beat Cain.”

Minotauro Nogueira will face Cain Velasquez at the main event of UFC 110 in Australia on February 20th. The fight between the two is reserved as “Plan B” for the shot at Brock Lesnar’s UFC Heavyweight title.

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  • Jizzle11

    Cain’s true test right here

    If he can bet big nog (probably not likely) he is right in line for a title shot

  • Dabs

    I agree…it is also a test for Nog.

  • Ninja

    So wat if hes athletic and young, i think cain is going to make a mistake on the ground and is gonna get tapped by nog because hes not as experienced and more likely to make a mistake and cain will learn from that mistake and come back stronger like gsp and penn