Nik Lentz was tossed across the room "WWE-Style" after submitting Brock Lesnar

Nik Lentz was tossed across the room "WWE-Style" after submitting Brock Lesnar


“I did roll with him one time and number one, it was really gross because the dude sweats like a ridiculous amount so I was just covered in Brock Lesnar sweat, like just dripping in his own sweat but then he was kinda messing around and I jumped on a guillotine and I wound up eventually tapping him out and then he actually got kinda angry and the next time that we started, he just picked me up above his head WWE-style and like threw me across the room so that was the end of my training with Brock. I got him one time. I jumped on the guillotine because he wasn’t ready for it and I choked him out and then after that I got thrown across the room.” –  Transcription via

Training room confessions are always a lot of fun, and UFC Lightweight Nik Lentz is bringing us the good stuff out of Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.

According to “The Carny,” he once had the privilege of rolling with former Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Soaked in the big man’s sweat, Lentz says he snatched up a guillotine-choke on an unsuspecting Lesnar and forced him to tap-out before subsequently being launched across the room for his efforts.

Lesnar, a former NCAA wrestling champ, has been submitted only once in his short professional career, succumbing to a kneebar courtesy of Frank Mir in his UFC debut. Though he proved capable of forcing a tap or two of his own in his comeback victory over Shane Carwin, his progression on the mat in the time since remains a mystery. Now scheduled for a showdown with Alistair Overeem, if Lesnar was subbed by a Lightweight, he could have his work cut out for him. Despite being a K-1 Kickboxing champ with 14 knockouts to his name, the Dutchman has won more than half of his bouts via submission. So what do you think LowKick’ers? Is Brock capable of handling himself on the ground with Alistair Overeem, or is BJJ unlikely to play a role when the two giants collide at UFC 141?

Photo: Francis Specker

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  • Jizzle11

    Lentz shoulda seen some bogus shit coming after submitting him lol

  • Jack N. Meoff


  • abcdefgh

    Compared to Overeem, Lesnar couldn’t submit a resume.

  • Ninja

    Training is training everyone gets worked in training, these kind of things shouldn’t leave the gym, just gives Nick Lentz a bad name imo

  • KeithFarrell

    do you realise that nick lentz is a LW and Brock lesnar is the biggest of the HWs, think things like this need to come out

  • David Saucier

    Im surprised Brock didnt hit him in the back with a chair when he wasnt looking

  • Spyridon

    That’s what Paul Heyman did to all the witnesses

  • Nemesis

    Funny thing about that is with less than 10 fights his resume is more impressive than overeem. You’d think overeem had been in a soup kitchen with all those tomato cans

  • xcityofemberx

    Nik Lentz was tossed across the room — or have been F5’d maybe?

  • Ninja

    Not really man, training partners shouldn’t be saying these kind of things outside the camp, it doesn’t look good…your supposed to be helping each other not spreading rumors like this n making your partner look bad

  • jdnextchamp

    More impressive than Overeem? Not sure about that bro.

  • jdnextchamp

    Cannot wait to see Brock’s version of this. but I have a question. When Lentz says that Brock wasn’t ready for it, does that mean he caught him by surprise while he was looking at something else of something like that. Maybe the truth is it was over for like 0.1 seconds and Lentz was just too happy about submitting Brock that he took the occasion. Anyway it ‘s hard to say.

  • Jack N. Meoff


  • Bruce Lee

    I heard Brock was having a Coors Light and was on top of his wife at the time.

  • Keyboard Contender

    newb? what is this? a fu(king COD website now too lol?

  • David Saucier

    dont forget he was still pulling that horseshoe out of Mir’s ass

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Brock was definitely taking it easy on Lentz. 100 pound difference=Lesnar picking Lentz up while in the guillotine and slamming him through the ground repeatedly.

  • DR3W

    that would be funny as hell if the had the shit under the octagon the whole time just waiting to be used

  • asdf

    You also should not be throwing hissy fits and throwing training partners across the ring.


    Dam I wish there was footage of this. Brock must weigh twice as much as Lentz.

  • OperationCWAL

    reminds me when he tossed the 1 legged kid around in WWE, and when he pushed him down the stairs on a wheel chair LOLOL

  • Spyridon

    Apparently Mir has a lot of those up there since theres still at least one lost

  • fingerssfv

    Lentz knew better. Brock allowing him to wrestle around with him, then Lentz pulls a fast one. Of course Lesnar will toss him across the room. He’s a big bully. Lentz should have known better. Next time, take advantage of him, then prevent him from catching you. Silly.