Nam Phan pledges to KO or get KO’ed by Leonard Garcia

Nam Phan pledges to KO or get KO’ed by Leonard Garcia


TUF 12 alumni Nam Phan, who will rematch Leonard Garcia at UFC 136, discusses his opponent, as well as the importance of emerging victorious Saturday night. Currently on a two-fight losing slump, Phan acknowledges that this could be his last effort with the promotion and promises that win or lose, he’ll do so in impressive fashion. Photo: Scott Hirano

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  • matt1926

    The best thing about the UFC is they do their best to ensure the message is clear to the fighters that they need to fight and try their best to be exciting. Although the three and out theory is good it shouldn’t and doesn’t apply to everyone. Although new to the UFC, I believe Nam should fall into that category if he loses to Garcia but puts on another good show. He was clearly robbed by the judges in the first fight.

  • griffin

    thats the way too go nam phan is a warrior hope he finally gets the W he deserves over Garcia

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    He also had a good showing against Mike Brown. Really took it to him.

    But I am thinking Nam submits Garcia instead of decisioning like I originally thought

  • Meh

    It doesn’t seem to matter if Garcia lands anything, just as long as he throws the loopiest, craziest punches for three rounds. He’s proof that flailing limbs distract judges the same way shiny objects distract birds.

  • OperationCWAL

    man i hope nam gives it all and gets the W, this kid has skills!

  • David Saucier

    kinda like Guida with his hair

  • David Saucier

    I love his work to his opponents body, body shots are the best.


    I don’t think Leonards losing in Texas.