Nam Phan: I already beat Leonard Garcia twice

Nam Phan: I already beat Leonard Garcia twice


UFC Featherweight prospect Nam Phan looked back at his performance against Leonard Garcia at last weekend’s UFC 136 in Houston, Texas. Speaking about a possible trilogy bout with Garcia, Phan declared “I already feel like I beat him twice”, claiming that he wants to move up in the UFC Featherweight ladder and away from the “Bad Boy” Leonard Garcia. Nam Phan improved his Mixed Martial Arts record to 17-9 overall and 1-2 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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  • TheRealDeal

    I agree with Phan, there is no reason for them to fight again any time soon.

  • matt1926

    I don’t think Nam would’ve been cut had he lost. I wouldn’t mind eeing them fight again but I also don’t think they need to. I’m looking forward to seeing both his and Leonard’s next fights. Put either of them on a Fox card to get the casual fans intrigued.

  • Krogan

    there was no way Nan was getting cut but I can understand his mind set and its a good one. He did win both fights I believe Dana even gave him his win bonus after the first fight.

  • amateur_boxer

    why does dis asian kid look so dopy, id smash both of them in a boxing match

  • codemaster

    Nam has back-pedaled a bit on not fighting Garcia again. Yes, he did beat him twice, but Dana White and Lorenzo saw the positive reaction to the fight–so I would bet money they will fight again.

    On a positive note, Nam Phan will make a lot of money for a rematch with Leonard.

  • Thang

    I’m sure you’re a true contender, Amateur_Boxer, Just the way you say it scare the crap out of me, I’m sure they don’t want to box with you.