Michael Bisping expects an all-out war against Wanderlei Silva

Michael Bisping expects an all-out war against Wanderlei Silva


British striker Michael “The Count” Bisping has plenty to prove in his fight against the Legendary Wanderlei Silva. Bisping bounced back really well in his victory over Denis Kang, after being knocked out by Dan Henderson at UFC 100. “The Count” knows that a victory against a credible Silva will prove everyone that he is still a legit contender in the UFC Middleweight division:

“I had to look at that and work on why I got knocked out and try to improve the holes in my game. You’ve got to constantly evolve. If you stay the same, people are going to figure you out, and you’re going to become predictable. It kind of pisses me off, people going into that all the time, as if I’m stupid. Obviously when you’re fighting an opponent, you move to their weak side because they’re not going to do that; you go the opposite direction.”

“The Count” also expressed his confidence that the Dan Henderson scenario will not repeat itself again. Bisping says he learned from his mistakes from that fight, and he is ready to prove it against Wanderlei Silva who is well-known as “Master of Aggression”:

“Before that fight Henderson I was of the impression that I could go out there and stand with anyone for three rounds and not get knocked out. I’m not saying I would have beaten Dan Henderson, but I certainly believed that I could go out there and stand with him for three rounds and not get knocked out.  Obviously, that wasn’t the case; I got knocked out. So I’ve tightened a few things up.”

Michael Bisping prepared for this fight with his fellow Wolfslair teammate Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a man who knocked out Wanderlei Silva in a grudge match at UFC 92. Bisping stated that Rampage provided him a few tips on how to avoid Wanderlei, but he is still prepared for an all-out war against the Brazilian:

“He’s given me great insight into the fight. He brings some good strategy to the table, and he told me what to expect. It’s been invaluable having him. Wanderlei’s a strong clincher, but I’m planning on standing toe to toe and beating him head on. I am hungry to prove to the world that I am that level of fighter, and that alone has pushed me harder in training.”

Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva will fight each other at the co-main event of UFC 110 in Australia. The event will be held on Sunday, February 21 in Sydney, Australia at the sold-out Acer Arena.


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