Matt Wiman, Carlos Condit, Evan Dunham and Claude Patrick look back at...

Matt Wiman, Carlos Condit, Evan Dunham and Claude Patrick look back at UFC 115


UFC 115 victors Matt Wiman, Carlos Condit, Evan Dunham and the Canadian hero Claude Patrick looked back at their performances inside the Octagon. All four fighters provided good amount of entertainment (and controversy) at the GM Place in Vancouver, capping off a great night for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Greg Jackson’s Carlos Condit won the Fight of the Night award for his inspiring performance against Rory MacDonald, as the Xtreme Couture product Evan Dunham defeated the favorite Tyson Griffin via Split Decision. Claude Patrick satisfied the home crowd with the Guillotine Choke victory over the Brazilian Ricardo Fucks, while Matt Wiman‘s Guillotine Choke over Mac Danzig sparked a controversy that will most likely result in a rematch.

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  • ljense8

    Ricardo F*cks?
    I feel bad for Danzig and even Wiman. That was a good call from the ref’s viewpoint. He grabbed Danzigs hand and shook it like it was limp. That’s how they determine if the fighter is conscious or not. The problem is Danzig was only relaxing to conserve energy and prevent the choke from getting deeper. He was definitely not sleeping, though he wasn’t in a great position either. This is a very hollow victory for Wiman, so in that regard I feel for both fighters. Most will not acknowledge that as a true victory for Wiman, but Danzig still gets the loss on his record.

  • D

    I’m glad the ref stopped that fight. Condit deserved to win but I seriously doubt the judges would have given it to him.