Matt Mitrione talks Kimbo Slice, Brock Lesnar, and much more

Matt Mitrione talks Kimbo Slice, Brock Lesnar, and much more


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  • 51JD51

    Lol Im pretty sure the interviewer has never seen an mma fight but Mitrione makes it work

  • Krogan

    Totally agree, fun watch because of Matt. Matt also surprises me a lot with how intelligent he seems, you never got that impression on the show or from the way he speaks. But what he says is.

  • MMAoracle

    that interviewer grosses me out…

  • capjo

    Mitrione was the sleeper in the season of TUF and still is as a active UFC fighter. The producers of TUF try to paint him as a kook and the guy is anything but.

    I expect Mitrione to be around for a while.The guy can take a shot, has a great abilty to learn and is tough as hell.

  • dirt

    what a horrible interview. the guy on the left is a bum

  • grapplure

    kimbo sucks

  • WingChun


    Kimbo should never have been in that fight; Kimbo should never have been in the HW division. Kimbo should have been told 205 or nothing. That was a big mistake on Kimbo’s behalf, for not making the cut. He might have actually stood a chance @ 205; at least rack up a couple of wins. However, if Kimbo’s never had that knee fixed, which I’m not sure he has, then he’s toast in MMA, let along the UFC.

    Matt – Comes across a such a different fellow, here, then on TUF. I couldn’t stand him on TUF, now I quite like him. He seems to be a very humble and affable, fellow. I like the props that he gave Kimbo and how he went out of his way, when talking about his NFL career, to not “make out” like he was a big deal or anything. It was more like, I made the team, played some, not much and spent a lot of time on the IR. I was impressed with Matt in this interview; wish him well in his upcoming fight; his skill set has really come along.

  • aramex

    my god this guys voice reminds me of the old guy from the clear eyes commercials

  • hondata79

    lol interviewer must be on some free public access cable channel LOL he dont know shit !

  • colktfo

    ive never seen someone smile so much b4 in a fight. i bet hed still be smiling when hes even KO………… $hit he’ll probly laugh his @ss off while hes bein submitted.

  • MuRdErTrAiN

    love that loser talks shit gets koed then quits MMA hahaha no wonder they called him big baby

  • RabbitPuncher

    Cmon guys, this is from CENTRAL INDIANA’S NUMBER 1 WEB SITE!!!! Show a little respect ok?

  • tyrantbigbird

    mma’s Peter Grfiffin

  • comonson

    so true, lmao

  • Accyfist

    Well represented Matt and you above! don’t take the piss out of Peter Griffin! He’s an American hero!