Well, I haven’t talked to you guys since the GSP fight so I’m going to say this, even though I’m going to piss a bunch of people off. To me the GSP fight was boring and I’m even going to tell you why I think it was boring: because I believe GSP is on defense. Number one, he doesn’t want to lose the belt and, number two, I think the UFC is paying him too much money and he doesn’t want to lose that either. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind; but he just doesn’t seem like he wants to finish anybody.

I did not watch the Edgar/Maynard fight, but I did hear that it was pretty interesting. For a 5-round fight to end up as a draw is pretty unusual by itself, so I will be looking forward to the rematch. - Matt-Hughes.com (via BloodyElbow.com)

Matt Hughes is one of the two only fighters to ever defeat Georges St. Pierre, submitting the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion with an armbar at UFC 50, six years ago. Thirty-seven year old Hughes is coming off a knockout defeat against BJ Penn at UFC 127, currently holding an impressive MMA record of 45-8. As for St. Pierre, the French-Canadian will return to action on April 30th, facing Jake Shields at the main event of UFC 129 in Toronto, Canada.