Mackens Semerzier intends to appeal TKO loss to Robbie Peralta at UFC...

Mackens Semerzier intends to appeal TKO loss to Robbie Peralta at UFC on Fox


If you were watching the Mackens Semerzier versus Robbie Peralta fight on the UFC on Fox preliminary card, at first glance you saw what appeared to be a nice TKO victory for Robbie Peralta via strikes.  Slowed down on replay, it became clear that instead of hands making contact with the head of Semerzier, it was the heads of the two fighters colliding that put Semerzier to the ground. Once on the ground, Semerzier was swarmed by Peralta, bring about the stoppage from referee Big John McCarthy. has reported that Semerzier’s camp has announced that they intend to appeal the result of the fight with the California State Athletic Commission.

Regardless of the outcome of that appeal Semerzier is looking for a rematch with Peralta, “I think, as a fighter, that would only be right – unless he wants to tuck it in his back pocket and tell people he knocked me out. Because he knows, I know, and everybody knows that’s not the case. I was a man after the fight, and I hope he’s a man in giving me a rematch, or asking for it at least.” – for more see

What do you think LowKickers, should the result be changed to no contest and an immediate rematch granted?

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  • The Titan

    A fight is a fight he lost so he should move on and win his next fight. I am aware that head butts are illegal but only if it’s on purpose. I would ask for a remach if the result was a controversial split decision.

  • The Titan

    If a guy TKOs you with his **** you can’t ask for a remach because he beat you using an unusual part of his body.

  • The Titan


  • Ryan22

    but headbutts arent aloud…. just like when anderson koed yushin okami at rumble on the rock….

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    How you got sharps for such a stupid comment I will never know

  • matt1926

    This isn’t the NFL we don’t have the benefit of instant replay. Unfortunately what’s done is done and It’s highly unlikely they make it a no contest but give the kid his rematch it’s only fair.

  • The Titan

    I don’t still don’t see why he needs a remach. I stand by my point and he got TKOd. He’s a good fighter but he lost fair and square. What else can I say?

  • The Titan

    *still don’t

  • knn03

    so it’s “fair and square” now for fighters to get wins via headbutts. great news for Chris Leben and Tito Ortiz.

  • kalmander

    Yes you made it clear that youre an idiot

  • CV_MMA

    He should just move on, if i was his oponent i wud have no interest 2 give him a rematch, its done… if we rematch im in probably a lose lose position…. in these kind of sports these things happen… u just prove how good u r in next fights

  • CV_MMA

    This is similar 2 the Oliveira vs Lentz fight… i think it was unfair 4 oliveira 2 get his result overturned…. i mean.. he got there and fought the best he could, and it happend by accident….the Silva vs Okami was on porpose, Silva didnt know the rules

  • cranestyle

    It was clearly unintentional, so the result will probably stand.

    As far as a rematch, why not? The head butt did alter the course of the fight, so I can see Semerzier’s point.

    And I thought it was a good fight. Peralta struggled a bit in the 1st round, but then knocked down Mackens once in the 2nd already and looked to have the upper hand.

  • Krogan

    I am not sure how this is different to an accidental groin kick that is so hard that it ends the fight, I guess the difference is that the ref didn’t see the groin kick so does that make it a win?

    This fight should (imo) be ruled a No contest and there should be a rematch.

    Also Titan posting the same opinion over and over again (written and argued more poorly with every post as well) doesn’t actually prove your point, it just makes you look like an idiot.

  • abcdefgh

    @The Titan, just because your **** is unusual doesn’t mean everbody’s is and yes, if you beat somebody with your **** I think they deserve a rematch. I surprised you even train that move.

  • abcdefgh

    Ah, good, because we weren’t sure what you meant.

  • abcdefgh

    There is a big difference between a record of 7-3 and 6-4

  • JoeFaceHood

    What else can you say? Nothing. In fact, STFU when grown folks is talking.

  • holycheapshit

    Who´s fault is it? I think I´ll blame it on the referee.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    ofcourse it should be a no contest, this is why no contests were invented.

  • The Titan

    Big words coming from a little bitch.Cute.

  • Ryan22

    Guys like “the titan” are why changes like the fox deal hurt the sport for the fans. Obviously a bandwagon fan, either that or dude has a screw loose.

    Lost “fair and square” wooooww this is a sanctioned sport dude not kimbos backyard brawls

  • The Titan

    You are all idiots for not getting my point, Am I the only smart person on this site and not a keyboard warrior? God.

  • Plexomatic

    BOTH guys had an even chance of of being knocked out from the “collision” of heads, therefore making the TKO fair…IMO

  • CV_MMA

    Do u prefer 2 have a good record or have a rich career?

  • CV_MMA

    it hit in diferent parts of the head… it does make a diference bro

  • JTalbain

    Closest parallel to this I can think of is when Bonnar was THOed due to a cut he received via headbutt against Krystoph Sozcinsky (probably butched his name). Bonnar’s appeal was denied, but he was granted an immediate rematch.


    I somewhat understand why people support the result but this is a slippery slope. We can’t have fights decided by WWE-type incidents with the ref knocked out or whatever. They need to make sure a win happens under all auspices of the rules..

  • JTalbain

    THOed = TKOed

  • Ryan22

    I love that “the titan” has sooo many weaks…ahhhhh bandwagon mma fans…you crack me up…

  • The Titan

    Yes it is my nick name. Yes I am a fan and also a fighter. What are you? NOTHING. So shut the **** up Ryan. Thanks!