Lyoto Machida aims to prove himself against Rampage Jackson

Lyoto Machida aims to prove himself against Rampage Jackson


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  • Jizzle11

    I don’t see Rampage being scared of Lyoto’s power. He needs to pressure a lot so he doesn’t get outpointed.

  • Joey Santosus

    To be fair, Machida really should have gotten a title shot fairly quickly anyway, so I am assuming the winner of this one will get the winner of Rua-Evans. I know that their first fight ended in controversy, but Shogun got an instant rematch, so one could argue Machida deserved the same.

  • partyboy

    i think the winner of this fight will fight the winner of jones bader

  • Jizzle11

    Except Machida got KTFO in the rematch. At least in the rematch someone got put away decisively.

  • sleepy

    come on lyoto won this and ur 1 step away to get ur tittle back..

  • Joey Santosus

    Yea true, but a win is a win in their first match… Even if it was a bad call. Thats a slippery slope ya know? Once we start trying to compensate for the poor judging, then where is the line drawn? I dunno, I am not a huge Machida fan or anything… Just thinking out loud I guess.

  • LowkickDick

    Shogun lost a controversial decision while Machida got KTFO. I don’t think he should get an instatn title shot but his past record should keep him within one or two fights of the title shot.

  • dray12

    After this fight and Evans vs Shougun, they will have all fought each other, so we would be looking at rematches in all scenerios. I think also these are four guys that are going to be competitive for a while, so personally I wouldn’t be dissappointed to see another guy or two thrown into the mix by getting a title shot.

  • daigoro702

    a just waiting to see what machida bring to the table, i wonder if he changed his style a lil and is going to be more agressive either way i think the guy is one of the best, but yeah it seems that people forgot about him when he lost his title i mean he has only lost once and to one of the best so am hoping he makes a come back

  • japanegro23

    It’s hard to go against Machida. He seems like such a focused fighter. I’m just going for Rampage because he is one of my all time favorites! Let’s go Rampage!

  • Ninja

    I rather see the winner fight the winner of Jones/Bader, espeically if Jones and Machida win there fights, I would like to see them face eachother and see how they do, it’ll b interesting to see what Machida does to Jones and vice versa

  • SpiderSilva

    This is a losing battle for Rampage let’s face it. Dont get me wrong I love Rampage but we all know he doesnt check kicks and get frustrated when he’s getting punished and cant deal back. We saw how effective the kicks were with Forrest and how well Machida uses his range and angles against punchers like Evans which is exactly how I see this fight going. Rampage might not get KO’d but I think there’s a very good chance he’ll get finished

  • Kon

    Rampage really needs to change camps he has to reinvent himself as a fighter if he wants to become champion again he needs to stop just hunting the lucky punch and start using his wrestling more some fans may not want to see that but if he gets a W then at least hes still in title contention

  • D

    He already changed camps. He’s back in California – not training with Bitchping anymore.

  • D

    I agree, but it depends which Rampage shows up.

    If he fights like the Rampage that won 11 fights in Pride, he could overpower Machida and get the KO. If he fights like he did against Rashad, he will most definitely lose a decision.

  • japanegro23

    Lucky punch?

  • Kon

    by Lucky punch i meant Knockout punch