LowKick.com Exclusive interview with Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman

LowKick.com Exclusive interview with Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman


Ultimate Fighting Championship newcommer Charlie Brenneman took time off his preparations for the UFC 117 bout against Johnny Hendricks to answer on couple of questions, especially for the LowKick.com Community members. Nicknamed “The Spaniard”, Charlie Brenneman defeated Jason High in his UFC debut at Florian vs Gomi event, and is currently 12-1 in his Mixed Martial Arts campaign. Brenneman trains at the AMA Fight Club, alongside Jim and Dan Miller, Ricardo Romero and Joe Soto.

Your next fight is against Johnny Hendricks as the UFC 117 Prelims. What do you think about him as opponent, and how in your opinion this fight will play out?
I know he’s a semi-top wrestler, so that’s probably what he would like to do. I actually wrestled him back in the college. He’s 3-0 in the UFC so it obviously means he does something right. But in addition, I’ve seen a lot of his videos and there’s couple of things I can exploit. I can’t give too much information about what it is, but my strategy will be to implement my gameplan on his weaknesses.

Do you think that the fact he has more fights than you in the UFC will be a factor in your fight?
No, I really don’t. It is not my first fight in the UFC, and the fact that he has 2 more fights than me will not be a factor at all. More important is that I have fair amount more fights than him in my career, so I think that advantage will be on my side.

What it takes to get noticed and make it to the top in the UFC, especially when you are a newcomer?
I think it’s a combination of things. You definitely have to win fights and to be good. But in addition to that, you need to have connections. You may be the best fighter in the World, but if Joe Silva doesn’t know you it will be hard to make it in the UFC. You need to have good relationship with guys at charge of the UFC, in addition to winning your fights impressively.

Jake Shields is the latest addition to the UFC roster, what do you think about him as a fighter?
I think that he’s one of those fighters, from the outside we look and say “Hey, I’ll probably beat him”. But then he goes and defeats guys like Dan Henderson. And what’s incredible is that Dan Henderson is one of the best 205’ers there is.  Jake Shields is definitely a man. I am personally excited to see how he does in the UFC, and hopefully in the next six months or year I will be able to test myself against him.

The only loss on your record is to John Howard, who is fighting a week before you at the UFC on Versus 2 card. Would you like at some point to get a rematch against him?
He is considerably beyond me in the UFC. He’s 4-0, but if this fight will make sense at some point I would be more than happy to get a rematch. The first fight we had was really close, and I was personally very disappointed with the way the decision went. So it’s definitely a fight I would love to get.

UFC 117 main event is Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen, who takes it?
I always root for the Wrestlers, because that’s where I come from.  I think that it’s a really tough fight for Chael, but if there’s someone who can defeat Anderson Silva it’s him. You have to be able to take him down, hold him down and not get tired. If Chael Sonnen takes him down, keeps him there and doesn’t get tired like Dan Henderson, he will win that fight.

Would you like to thank your teammates or mention any sponsors?

I would like to thank Tokyo Five, my main sponsor. InMotion Meals, they really make a good tasty stuff. My strength and conditioning coach Don Messing from No Limits Personal Training, as well as the Gold’s Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

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    Brenneman is a good guy. He has a great work ethic and a strong foundation. He should do very well in the future, hopefully starting with Hendricks.