Kenny Florian says "Diego Sanchez is overrated"

Kenny Florian says "Diego Sanchez is overrated"


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  • monstruito

    Where was Kenny? All the video shows is a nose against the ropes.

  • Jizzle11

    Hmm Idk I think Sanchez would beat Florian but it wouldn’t be like a dominating performance. I’d say it’d be unanimous decision (29-28)

  • terra2805

    Diego is overrated i agree but some people would say the same about Florian. I like Kenny and he is a talented fighter without a doubt but i don’t think he’ll ever wear the belt, not at 155lbs anyway, he’ll be lucky to get another crack at it to be fair after falling at the final hurdle twice already. I think Kenny has too much pride to drop down a weight class now after establishing himself at LW but i think he would have a lot of success there, more than at LW anyway. Either that or he needs to pack some muscle onto that wiry frame of his………

  • UrHype

    maybe not making a comment would have cured that

  • UrHype

    If Diego is overrated, so is Kenny

  • grapplure

    If diego is overrated so is kenny.

  • AnAmerican

    I think the “yes cartwheel” belongs at welterweight

  • amscatt

    Florian’s last fight he beat the piss out of the Geico caveman… Clay Guida. You might have missed that one. Seemed like a good game plan to me.

  • Krogan

    I find it hard to believe Diego is still overrated, was pretty clear that there was a huge hype machine and that he was extremely overrated before the BJ fight but when you get wiped around like that how can you still be hyped?

  • amscatt

    Again, I need to say that the “don’t talk shit… he could kick your ass” comments have no place here whatsoever. This isn’t a jail yard. This is a sports forum. We are here to give our opinions on the sport we love. It’s like going to a basketball blog where someone says they don’t like Shaq, and you comment “yeah, well don’t talk shit cause he could school you at basketball.” It doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

  • therealgarrylt1

    well put ken flow. ur a good guy!