Kenny Florian defends King Mo, says he should be fighting in the...

Kenny Florian defends King Mo, says he should be fighting in the UFC


Multi-time UFC title contender, Kenny Florian, shared his thoughts about the recent King Mo scandal. According to Florian, Mo made his mistakes, but so is the athletic commission that “forced” the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champion into an inappropriate remark on Twitter. Florian also stated that no one could or should question Lawal’s talent, and that he should be fighting in the UFC Light Heavyweight division.

Speaking at the UFC on Fuel TV 2 post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White expressed his disappointed in King Mo’s comments on Twitter, making it clear that Lawal is not expected to fight for ZUFFA anytime soon. It looks like Lawal will not have to try his luck at Bellator 205lbs division.

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  • dray12

    Hope we see Mo in the UFC soon, he would crush Jon Jones.

  • Fluidity

    I love King Mo, he’s exciting, unorthodox, and has a great personality. He could definitely be a top 5 guy in the LHW division. I’d love to see him against a Machida or a Shogun or even a Hendo. Not sure he can beat Jones though…

  • mmagym

    yer there`s still Mo and a few other great fighters who have not yet entered the UFC!
    we have seen a lot of dream match ups since WEC and SF were bought by the UFC but still a few left!

  • mmagym

    actually surprised they have not brought Luciano Azevedo to the UFC so Aldo can redeem his only loss!

  • KeithFarrell

    Kenny thinks before he speaks maybe more than any fighter, he rarely comes off arrogant and usually makes a valid point. I feel he has lived up to that here.

  • Jack N. Meoff

    I think the guy is a solid LHW fighter that should be in the UFC, but “great personality”?? Lol, you lost me there

  • Jack N. Meoff

    Still irritated about how he humped Mousasi, took all the damage and got the W…Mousasi should have performed better tho

  • Jack N. Meoff

    …and Mousasi should be in the UFC as well.

  • Entity

    I’d like to see Robbie Lawlor in the UFC but his lack of a ground game keeps him from being there.

  • Entity

    Watched the Strikeforce rerun of the Mo Larkin fight last night. All I could think was….man you guys got snowed with Mo cheating. Larkin did pretty good. A clean MO and the Larkin fight might have gone the other way for sure.