Junie Browning Continues Downward Spiral

Junie Browning Continues Downward Spiral


This past Friday, MMA’s Lindsay Lohan, Junie Browning, lost at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 25 against 2-2 Aaron Hall, taking Brown’s record to 4-2.

In a bizarre series of events that saw Browning fail to make weight, then refuse to loose the weight at the opponents request, the fight was concluded when Browning’s corner threw in the towel before the start of the second round due to a groin injury.

Browning’s antics became well known as a contestant on  The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir. his alcohol and anger issues almost got him kicked off the show on more than one occasion, including twice throwing glass cups at two different contestants, and following the Efrain Escudero’s win over Shane Nelson, he began talking smack to Efrain Escudero who was still in the cage being looked at by the doctors and his coaches. Escudero simply smiled back at Browning’s continuing taunts. Finally, Browning jumped over the fence and into the cage. Nogueira and other coaches had hold him back. Following this, Browning attempted suicide, attacked two nurses who were treating him, threatening “Do you know who I am? I will kill you and r**e your family!” Subsequently, Browning was released from his UFC contract

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