Josh Koscheck vs. Carlos Condit confirmed for UFC 143: GSP vs. Diaz...

Josh Koscheck vs. Carlos Condit confirmed for UFC 143: GSP vs. Diaz card


Former UFC Welterweight title challenger Josh “Kos” Koscheck revealed via his Twitter account that he will be in action on Superbowl Weekend (UFC 143), facing The Natural Born Killer Carlos Condit.

In his last bout, Koscheck impressively defeated Matt Hughes via 1st Round TKO, getting himself back on track for another shot at the UFC Welterweight title. Koscheck’s opponent, 27-5 Carlos Condit, was originally scheduled to face GSP on the same card, but was forced to step aside after Nick Diaz fought (and talked) his way under the French-Canadian’s skin and a shot at the title.

The fight will most likely serve as the co-main event of the night, with Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz already confirmed by the UFC President Dana White to headline the evening. The event is also expected to feature the Lightweight scrap between two of the most exciting fighters in the division – Anthony Pettis and Joe Lauzon.

Previous Superbowl Weekend card featured three blockbuster bouts; Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader and Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin, making around 750k PPV buys. UFC will be looking to sell much more than that in 2012 (and it’s not that 750k is a small PPV buyrate).

Now, let me speculate a bit.

One name that could be added to UFC 143 is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion “Suga” Rashad Evans, who is yet to discover the identity of his next opponent inside the Octagon. Shogun Rua goes against Dan Henderson at UFC 139, with a winner potentially facing Evans for the #1 Contender spot in the UFC 205 division. It’s a perfect timing for the division, since Jon Jones fights Lyoto Machida two months earlier at UFC 140.

A fight card with GSP vs. Diaz, Evans vs. Rua/Hendo as the co-main event, Kos vs. Condit and Pettis vs. Lauzon could be easily labeled as the best in the UFC history, potentially breaking the record set at UFC 100. Bring it on.

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  • Courtes

    hoping with this one they keep it standin up

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Does this mean Kos will get a title shot if he wins this fight? I hope not. The WW division is not a deep as some people may think.


    Condit really got screwed.

  • japanegro23

    Condit will kill Kos if they keep it on the feet.

  • nickp44

    Yeah, he did. But I’m confident that he was financially compensated for this fiasco. I applaud his decision to fight Kos now. He’s doing the right thing… dust yourself off, collect your check, and move on!

  • Rnev75

    Rashad vs Phil Davis?

  • Complexx

    Yeah, I didn’t see this coming. I thought Condit was gonna wait for his shot, Guess not. I truly would rather Condit vs Ellenburger 2, than this though. i think this will be a decent fight if it stays standing, but i dont see that happening too long. Condit wins by Unanimous or Round 3 TKO.

  • Anton Gurevich

    Yep! Didn’t think about this one. And actually, this match-up is more likely than Hendo/Rua

  • Rnev75

    I am glad for Condit’s sake that he is facing Kos instead of Ellenburger. Kos is no joke, but he is an easier fight for Condit. I wouldn’t want to put him into a pure war of a fight considering he was briefly given the shot at the title.

  • abcdefgh

    It’s actually very clever on Condit’s part. A good TDD training match for him. See if his wrestling defense is where it needs to be.

  • TwA

    I like condit but he should have waited i doubt he’ll be the favorite and atleast we’ll find out if he can get laid on for 3 rds cause if kos gets hit acouple times he’s gonna take him down this is gonna be hard to pick and hard to pick against a motivated kos even though i cant stand the dude

  • jesse

    i hope condit retires koschek

  • Rnev75

    Kos’s wrestling will be very good for Condit to see how a prospective match with GSP could go. You are right, KOS will look to hit the ground and try to exploit a weakness.

  • Wolfi

    A very good move by Condit in my opinion. If he wins, he definitely solidified his spot as the next number one contender.

    Also, don’t forget that either GSP or Diaz could get injured training for this fight in which case it would surely be Condit subbing in and fighting in the main event. Already training for the date, he would not have to take the fight on short notice. I am pretty sure that this was one of the reasons for wanting to fight on the same date.

    I Kos wins, I don’t really know who would be next in line for GSP, but there might be some interesting macht-ups for Jake Shields.

  • Lokkey

    If this is No. 1 contender fight, it should be 5 rounds IMO, but then i remembered that Dana said GSP dosen’t need to hear Kos’s name ever again.

  • Anton Gurevich

    non-title five rounders are, as for now, main events only.

  • D

    This is a tough fight for both guys. Condit probably has a slight edge in the standup, due to his technique, but Kos has power in his kicks and punches, and has the athleticism to hold his own. Koscheck definitely has a huge advantage when it comes to wrestling. Condit has the edge in submissions, but Koscheck has only been submitted once in his career – and that was over 6 years ago in only his 5th professional fight – a fight he was dominating until getting caught in the last minutes.

    Condit got manhandled for 2 rounds by Rory MacDonald before turning in a great round 3 and getting a stoppage seconds before the bell. Unlike MacDonald in that fight, Koscheck will have the experience and toughness to survive that type of onslaught. I think his wrestling, top game and submission defense will be too much for Condit. Condit has to keep this fight standing, and I doubt he can pull that off. I see Kos grinding out a decision and ruining Condit’s chances for a title shot.

    Also, if you look at Koscheck’s record over the past 6 years, he only loses for 2 reasons: either he takes a fight on extremely short notice, as he did against Paulo Thiago and Thiago Alves, or he fights GSP.

  • TheRealDeal

    Condit’s Ass must hurt, because he got F*CKED!

    So, KOS is right back in the tile picture just like that? That’s total Bullsh*t.

  • Lokkey

    Oh, thank you for clearing that up.

  • dray12

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • ljense8

    You make a very good point. If he can’t stuff Kos, GSP will take him down at will and keep him there.

  • hatch1921

    was thinking the same thing… how could DW/UFC not hook the dude up with some $$$ for shuffling him all around… title fight… nope sorry… BJ Penn… yes… wait.. nope… sorry. Hope he made out alright in the end.

    Looking forward to this fight…. but… good question… does the winner get the winner of GSP/Diaz?

  • IChokePeople

    Yeah, Kos and GSP looked pretty close in their last fight so Kos should be a pretty good thermometer for Condit. Good point D-Bag.

  • IChokePeople

    Condit is extremely dangerous on the ground. I think he will sub Kos quickly there. I actually don’t think Kos has much of a chance. He is clearly the better wrestler but he only gets to decide where the fight happens… maybe. Once they arrive I see Condit dominating.

  • leobadboy

    Condit will beat kos. Condit is pissed too. He will prob knock kos out.

  • griffin

    Kos knows hes never getting a title shot so he just wants to screw over all the top contenders out of their shot

  • Wolfi

    Kos could get a title shot if GSP loses the belt, I think it’s as easy as that. If GSP retains the belt, Kos could take an eventual win as a last good impression at welterweight and move up to middleweight and be right in the mix.
    Anthony Johnson moved up and got Vitor right away and Kos beat Rumble pretty decisively.

  • cranestyle

    Condit has way more to lose in this one, but good for him for staying active and avoiding a possible “Rashad”.

    I think even if Koscheck wins, he doesn’t get a shot at the title. Fitch has been one fight away from a title shot for about 4 years.

    Speaking of Fitch if Kos and he both win, that is the match to make. Who cares if they’re buddies? If you want a shot at the belt, then it’s okay to punch your “brother” in the face.

  • BigNog22

    this fight doesn’t make sense,it’s a win-lose situation for condit.
    And koscheck is not even near title contention.

  • thealex

    **** yea WAR koscheck! i hope he beats down condit!

  • ian

    No sense at all, bj penn fought hughes beat him then fitch THEN diaz

    and koscheck loses wins against hughes, which in my opionion was less impressive than bj penns victory and goes against the number one contender. dayumn
    match making is really starting to suck now.

  • Ryan22

    True buuutttt it won’t matter much I don’t see gsp getting past diaz. And you know condits getting a fat check win or lose against kosh

  • MMAW

    hopefully Koscheck doesnt win, that would screw up the contendership rankings and no one wants to see a potential 3rd fight with GSP

  • Ryan22

    Please who ever weaked me tell me how gsp can beat diaz.
    Stand up diaz wins , goes to the ground diaz wins. Can gsp fly??? Float???

  • IChokePeople

    @Ryan22. I didn’t weak you but I think there is a good chance GSP could smother Diaz for 5 rounds. That said I do think Diaz has an edge standing and grappling. GSP is a better wrestler and can probably beat Diaz against the cage in the clinch. On paper this is a really close fight. I honestly don’t know who to go with in the picks.

  • whitemare

    kos gunna lay and pray for 3 rounds then want a title shot

  • lights_out11

    natural born killer ready to kill koscheck~!!!

  • Ryan22

    I appreciate your honesty and opinion. Good day sir

  • Plexomatic

    I would have to say im just as excited to watch this fight as i am Gsp/Diaz .

  • jdnextchamp

    Very great matchup on a very nice fight card. This fight is hard to predict but I think Koscheck will be able to outwrestled Condit. If not, Condit’s ready for GSP.

  • kalmander

    GSP will jab Diaz couple times take him down and elbow him allday from side control until doctor stops it TKO via cuts