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Joseph Benavidez gives Ian McCall a "slight edge" in rematch with Demetrious Johnson


UFC Flyweight contender, Joseph Benavidez, who defeated Yasuhiro Urushitani to secure his place in the 125-pound tournament final, looks back on the victory, and discusses the Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall match-up. Benavidez also talks about being a part of Urijah Faber‘s TUF Live training squad, and predicts “The California Kid” will dethrone Dominick Cruz in their third encounter. Photo: MMAWeekly.com

Joseph Benavidez

“The evaluating goes a huge way for the fact that they’ve already fought. … I think you’re going to see some adjustments. From “Might Mouse,” he’s probably going to try not to get so careless and get taken to the ground, and I know McCall is probably going to try to take it to the ground because he saw how dominant he was there (in the first fight). Going into the first fight, I gave “Mighty Mouse” a slight edge, but I was not going to be surprised if McCall won. I think, now, just the way the fight ended, I’ve kind of switched and give McCall a slight edge, but I’m not going to be surprised if “Mighty Mouse” wins either.”

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  • I think it’s pretty even going in, they both looked good at different points and of course it was a draw.
    The only thing I could say about an edge is that McCall finished strongly and was close to finishing the fight.