American Kickbox Academy team member, Jon Fitch, hold a record of 21-3-1 and is currently heading into UFC 111 with a three fight win streak as he rematches Thiago Alves who holds a record of 17-6 and is coming off a title fight loss to Georges St Pierre. Fitch believes if he beat Alves, he should get another shot at the UFC Welterweight title.

"If I could stop Thiago, most definitely. If I can finish Thiago in three rounds, there's no way you can argue anyone else getting a title shot over me." said Fitch

However, before Fitch can start training for a title fight, he will have to defeat Alves, who has improved a lot from there last meeting. Fitch believes no matter where the fight takes place he will be comfortable and will be able to win.

"We're both different fighters from the first time we fought," Fitch said. "It's kind of one of those thing, has his wrestling gotten better than my striking? I guess we'll see. I think I've got enough tricks to where if I need to fight this fight on my feet I can."

The rematch bout between Alves and Fitch takes place on March 27, at UFC 111. Other fights featured on that card are, the title fight between Georges St Pierre and Dan Hardy and Interm-Heavyweight title fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.