Jon Fitch says he should fight the winner of Condit-Diaz if victorious...

Jon Fitch says he should fight the winner of Condit-Diaz if victorious against Johny Hendricks


This weekend, UFC Welterweight veteran Jon Fitch will step inside the octagon after a long layoff to face Johny Hendricks on the main card of UFC 141 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently enjoying a five-fight winning streak inside the Octagon, Fitch will look to prove a point against 11-1 Johny Hendricks, who is currently 6-1 in the UFC.

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  • SouthPaw

    Currently enjoying a five fight winning streak????

    No he’s not. Draw with bj penn anyone?

    Not gonna happen Fitch. Nobody wants to pay to see your boring ass fight.

  • HEmm0

    Fitch is one of the top 3 welterweights, like it or not. He should fight against winner of Diaz vs Condit if victorious agains Hendricks.

    He comes to fight everytime. If people cant stop his wrestling, its not his fault. Fitch has sayed it himself many times: if he sees an opportunity, he goes for it.

    And this will get me lost of weaks, but GSP uses similar style as Fitch.

  • falcon4917

    A draw that everyone and even BJ knew should have been a W for Fitch.

  • Anton Gurevich

    Draw is not a loss… therefore Fitch is still on a five-fight win streak

  • BrrrImCold

    Winner of Fitch v Kos

    suck it up Fitch

  • x murderer

    the winner of diaz vs condit (and that will be DIAZ) should fight for the belt.

  • saulgood

    Anton, not sure I follow the logic on that one. A draw is neither a win or a loss, so it breaks his win streak. If he had 5 draws in a row you wouldn’t say he was on a five fight win streak would you?

  • Courtes

    You only can fight winner diaz – condit if you finish him, otherwise i would say kampmann

  • BigDschlong

    I’d still like to see the winner or Conduit V Diaz fight for the belt. However I think if Fitch wins, he should fight Ellenberger (if he beats Sanchez) in a number one contender fight.

  • InfiniteEnigma

    I wanna see GSP and Fitch hug it out to a majority draw. The fight would be boring , but the aftershock of shit talk here would be more than enough entertainment.

  • Bruce Lee

    He’s five fights without a loss. There, now everyone’s happy.

  • Bruce Lee

    Fitch should get the winner of (Condit/Diaz) and GSP.

  • Bruce Lee

    Assuming he is still without a loss

  • codemaster

    Fitch is a great fighter who has been deliberately sidlined by Dana White and company. The reason he is being treated this way is because his fighting style is not popular with some ‘MMA’ fans. Dana reads the great oracle of Twitter, and responds accordingly.

    So what are Jon Fitch’s sins? He wins, but not in an exciting and dominant fashion. His most recent sin was not finishing BJ Penn, the former LW and WW champ–he only got a draw. If it was a 5 round fight, Penn wouldn’t have lasted. His other big sin is not fighting his teamate Koscheck–who is no longer relevant in the WW while GSP is champ.

    I am sorry Fitch haters, but I fail to see why a SPORT treats one of its top fighters so shabbily. If this was WWE, I would understand–Fitch is not as entertaining as Hulk Hogan, or the Undertaker–but if this is s sport–then why is Fitch ostracized? It’s like a great pitcher in baseball getting sidelined for pitching a BORING no-hitter. Or a QB who wins 3 yards at a time using the running game.

    In a sport–a win is a win. If the UFC does not believe Fitch has earned his chance for another shot at the title, they should match him up with other top WW contenders to see where he fits in the division.

    If the top WW contenders cannot handle Fitch’s ground game, then they do not deserve a title shot.

  • D

    I would have a much easier time picking Fitch to beat Condit or Diaz than I do picking Hendricks. Not because Hendricks is necessarily better than those guys, but because of the match up.

    To beat Fitch it takes a great wrestler who can stop his takedowns and beat him in the standup game, like St. Pierre did. Hendricks could do that. I still think Fitch’s experience advantage will be enough to decision Hendricks, but its definitely a tough matchup.

    Still I think the toughest matchups for Fitch not named GSP are Hendricks, Ellenberger, and Kos (who he will never fight) – wrestlers who could stop his takedowns and win the striking exchanges.

    I seriously doubt Diaz and Condit could stay off their backs against Fitch – they have both struggled against less successful wrestlers – and as good as Diaz is with his submissions – if BJ Penn can take your back for a couple minutes and not submit you, nobody is going to submit you.

  • Keyboard Contender

    would love if the UFC made em fight each other

  • spiderp4p

    When I have trouble sleeping, I play jon fitch fights on my laptop next to my bed.

  • Entity

    If Nick keeps winning and they keep the title shot away from him, by the time he gets his shot, he’ll be one nasty pissed off fighter. Good luck GSP.

  • Entity

    instead of sheep, you count missed opportunities to finish?

  • streethunter

    Don’t speak for everyone else.
    A lot of people respect his work ethic and as mentioned he always comes to fight. He continues to win against everyone they put in front of him. Watch the Penn fight again and the interview with Penn. Penn said he thought lost the fight. We all know everyone wants to see the flashy knockout but there is more to MMA then the stand up game.

  • JTalbain

    The winner of Condit vs. Diaz will already have the interim belt.

  • JTalbain

    I can do the same. I’d count failed attempts to do anything to the man wrecking their innards.

  • Mike Perryman

    The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil. As long as Fitch keeps winning and doesn’t stop talking about his title shot; he will eventually get another shot.

  • LieutenantDan

    you mean 6, no wait. this is all too confusing

  • Woodstock

    Fitch is a good guy, but come on, his fights are boring

  • JTalbain

    Many people say the same about GSP. If you’re fine with Fitch not getting a title shot, should GSP be stripped of his belt?

  • Woodstock

    yes, lol, jk

  • Chief Don

    Fitch next for Condit/diaz
    sure a win over Fitch would lock the interim in as a real champ
    then give McDonald a shot

  • sbond

    GSP is going to be the true champion until someone beats him. injuries occur in every sport, and getting his hard worked stripped away for something that wasnt his fault is crazy. Condit vs diaz is a true test to see who has a better chance against GSP. But i do think Fitch should have some shot in the near future.He is a true mma fighter and very technical fighter, he deserves the winner unless GSP is back.

  • Entity

    Gotta love the trend now days….lets put them all up against wrestlers and see a boring grindfest for 5 rounds. Knowing good and well if the didnt constantly keep them held to the mat, that they would get their azzes handed to them on a plate.

  • Entity

    damn that inner voice, it slips out sometimes 8P

  • Mike Perryman

    I agree. You aren’t the champ until you beat the real champ; and then beat him again because he has an automatic re-match clause in his bulletproof contract!
    You gotta beat him twice because even though he will say he is 100%, he won’t be. It would be way to risky for him to take a “Tune-up” fight because of ring rust; so the champ fights the Interim champion and if he loses- BOOM! POW!! Instant re-match! One more shot at redemption.