Joe Rogan: Alistair Overeem is the best striker to ever compete in...

Joe Rogan: Alistair Overeem is the best striker to ever compete in MMA


Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator Joe Rogan shared his thoughts about a wide array of topics, including the upcoming Heavyweight blockbuster between “The Reem” Alistair Overeem and the former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. According to Rogan, the key to victory for Alistair Overeem is to keep Brock Lesnar on his feet, where “The Demolition Man” could live up his status as the best striker in Mixed Martial Arts and KO the former WWE superstar. Rogan also related to Gilbert Melenez as potentially #1 155’er on the planet, claiming that the fight between “El Nino” and UFC’s best at Lightweights would the ultimate proving ground for the reigning Strikeforce Lightweight Champion.

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  • Courtes

    Semmy schilt is a beast aswell

  • HoustonsOwn

    Best Striker? He is good, but just has been hesitating to unleash and throw more and more lately.

  • Plexomatic

    lol i disagree.

  • Bruce Lee

    Well, I understand what he is saying and Overeem would be in my top 3 or 4 but if you want to be true to the words in the headline I think you would be forced to choose James Toney.

    I thought James Toney’s time in MMA was a farce and a shame dragging his legacy through the dirt but his boxing legacy is undeniable and he did compete in MMA. For that matter, Muhammad Ali fought Japanese wrestler Antonia Inoki in a “MMA” match.

    I’m just saying…

  • ShenronRage

    Everyone disagrees, well can you name me someone else?

  • Courtes

    Anderson silva

  • AK40kevn

    Bullshit!!! I train with a former sparring partner of his in amsterdam and he says that he isnt all what he is made out to be, its decent-great standup he has with crazy power. He would be way better if he threw out the jab more often, he would have tkod werdum if he boxed more. anderson silva is the best striker,

  • Nemesis

    ..Umm if he’s the best…what does that make someone who outstrikes him?

    It’s not as though that’s unheard of, overeems striking is a mix of super power(which alot of heavyweights have) and some good resilience.

  • Ryan22

    alistair will literally walk in the cage and lesnar will get tkoed before the bell rings. knees knees knees!!!!

  • abcdefgh

    It’s hard to argue with that. I like Ryan’s analysis over Rogan’s.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    clearly theres a bunch of better strikers that tried crossing into mma and didnt do very well

    maybe if you narrow it down to successful mma competitors that have also had a great kickboxing career, then he is up there with names like crocop

  • Osnizzle

    Reem? the guy who got KO’d by Chuck Liddell, Shogun (2x), Nogueira, Ricardo Arona, & Sergei Kharitonov… Best Striker in MMA ever?

  • nickp44

    I dunno about that, Joe. Maybe by pure resume alone, yeah… considering he is the K-1 champ. But I don’t think he’s defeated quality enough competition in MMA to be considered the best striker ever.

  • Stiks


  • Ringo

    Dude, Alistair Overeem is the best striker in mma only I have Hong Man Choi slightly above him.

  • Osnizzle

    and of recent the guy who got out struck by Werdum… #smh

  • IChokePeople

    Anderson Silva, Cung Le, Lyoto Machida, Nick Diaz, almost everyone at LW… there are a LOT of fighters who are better strikers. Overeem is one of the best ever at HW. But even in that weak division there is an argument for him being ranked lower. He is certainly the most decorated striker at HW but JDS, Kongo, Cro Cop (in his prime), Fedor (in his prime) Schilt and many more could easily vie for the all time number one spot. I personally think he is the top candidate for the best HW striker but it is arguable.

  • japanegro23

    Hahaha you asked for it! Nice answer ICP.

  • taz

    James Tony is not the best striker to ever fight in MMA! he might be the best boxer but not striker, the best MMA striker has to have kicks, knees and elbows aswellwhich i doubt Toney has!

  • mindkontrolle

    nice reply man!! it certainly is arguable, i disagree with rogan’s sliminess and agree with you. how can a heavyweight be a better striker than the lighter, faster, more technical and more endurance-possessing fighters? Moreover, has Overeem ever show an accuracy comparable to, say, Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz, to name just two examples? I really would not think so. Nice going Joe, you are such an intelligent person.

  • mindkontrolle

    EX – ****IN – ACTLY

  • mindkontrolle

    What the hell is Joe talking about man?!? Does he feel that saying things in this “know-it-all” tone makes them true??… dang…

  • mindkontrolle

    Resume alone? So ignoring all those KO’s by light heavy weights then…

  • mindkontrolle

    yeah but that’s different criteria now

  • mindkontrolle

    best MMA Striker does not mean best Boxer…. think about it.

  • jackthedrinker89

    He might be the best striker to enter MMA but he isnt the best in MMA, he just isnt cut out for MMA striking. Its completely different then K-1, he doesnt have to worry about takedowns or anything else just striking in k-1, but in MMA hes been KO’d by better MMA strikers and dominated by better MMA strikers.

  • Krogan

    What you are talking about is long LONG time ago jack, Overeem was literally half the man back then.

  • Krogan

    Don’t mean to make a personal attack but with a name like that you and you have such a shallow mind?

  • Krogan

    Rogan didn’t say he was the best p4p striker of all time but tell an mma fighter that could beat Overeem standing? And I will assume you are not saying Diaz would beat Overeem.

  • Krogan

    It’s Joe Rogan’s opinion people, which btw he is allowed to have. Also I don’t really see any fighter beating Overeem standing, JDS would be interesting but its just silly to not give Overeem the edge.

  • bluntsandbeers

    Jackthedrinker, what you and most casual fans forget is that Alistair was a superb grappler even before he started to use striking effectively in his MMA fights. he has great TD defense and plenty of submissions off of his back. he’s just so good at stand up that people automatically assume he doesn’t have a ground game lol

  • IChokePeople

    In a fight with rules, in a cage, it is highly unlikely that a significantly smaller fighter will win. That said Diaz could potentially out point Overeem for 15-25 min and get his hand raised. In a real fight, where there are no rules and one can target the groin, throat, eyes, etc, speed and accuracy can be just as much an advantage as size. There are no limits to who can beat who. All that said though, Rogan said best striker in MMA. That means in any wt class. That means there are much more technical, thus better, strikers.

  • IChokePeople

    Considering the guys Overeem beat in K-1 and his BJJ cred, I think Overeem would walk right through JDS. I could easily be wrong though.