Joe Lauzon expects to "do what he wants" against Anthony Pettis

Joe Lauzon expects to "do what he wants" against Anthony Pettis


Veteran Lightweight contender Joe Lauzon, who will look to take one step closer to title contention with a victory over Anthony Pettis in Japan, discusses his opponent, as well as his expectations for the fight. Lauzon is confident in his all-around skill-set and says he expects to “do what he wants” against the former WEC champ.

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  • ian


  • Plexomatic

    Joe is going to sub him in the first round….bet on it

  • Bruce Lee

    Joe looked incredible in his last fight. I have to give it to him.

  • Bruce Lee

    I agree Bruce.

  • codemaster

    Cocky Melvin Guillard thought he would steamroll Lauzon in the standup, and he walked right into a knockdown. Once he was on the ground, no chance–despite all the talk of training his ground game.

    Melvin was so exuberant and ****y before the fight–unable to contain his energy–and Joe Lauzon just looked lunch pail grim—another day at the factory.

    I a laughed so hard when he submitted Guillard.

  • David Saucier

    lauzon is a hit a home run or strike out kinda guy. Its possible he stops Pettis fast.